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Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Action gives meaning to your imagination.
The liars in power kept your ideas in a boudoir,
Leaving to you some breadcrumbs from their table.
This is their aim, letting you powerless
You are stunned, disoriented by violence
and shouts, you are afraid to live homeless
And you create your personal and family space
In the outskirts of the City.
While your words like David’s stones,
Are coming to life on you computer screen,
Your children see all those looting…




Planting Seeds of Spirituality — To spread Peace of mind, Positivity and Happiness through Spiritual Connections

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Jean Carfantan

Jean Carfantan

From Brittany. Founder of Queen’s Children I harvest messages at night urging me to transmit them to you. youenn at imagi.in .

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