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What if…

A short conversation with God

Photo by Todd Rhines on Unsplash

Me: What if I never realize my purpose in life?

God: Who said your purpose was meant to be realized?

Me: If it’s not meant to be realized, what does it serve?

God: What if you were to appreciate being in a state of unfolding?

Me: What would that do for me?

God: Might it teach you to let go out of the need for an outcome or a destination?

Me: But what if I never become fully “me”?

God: Who says you are never fully you already?

Me: What if I make a wrong decision?

God: There are no wrong decisions. Besides, who said you have free will?

Me: Are you saying we don’t have free will?

God: Who said you can’t have infinite paths to the same destination?

Me: Are you saying our destinies are fixed?

God: What if believing that you are already you and your soul’s path is already decided is the way to learn trust?

Me: What if my soul’s path is painful?

God: Why would you believe your soul’s path is painful? Do you believe that you need to be punished for something?

Me: Are you saying we won’t face pain from our karma?

God: Why do you believe that facing karmic pain will be painful?

Me: How could it be otherwise?

God: Why don’t you enjoy each and every moment, in any way that you can?

Me: What does that mean or feel like?

God: Be joyous about being alive, whatever the circumstances.

Me: How can I do that if I’m feeling pain at the same time?

God: When you understand that, you will know all that you need to know.



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