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10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn How To Paint

As art lovers, we often fantasise about having the skills to bring fresh creations to life but lack the techniques and confidence to take it very far. Thankfully, what we’ve learned from interviewing artists and learning more about how creative people come to be creative wonders, is that it’s all about interest, practice and persistence.

Anyone can learn to draw, anyone can learn to paint, and all skill levels can level up. It just takes a bit of study. And desire and interest are obviously pretty necessary, too.

Not sure where to start this adventure of study? Well, if you’re an existing artist looking to develop, you might want to check out Tom Gerrards top painting tips to develop your craft. Or read on for our round-up of the best resources on YouTube to learn to paint.

10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn How to Paint

As there are many different kinds of paint, all with different techniques, we’ve broken this list up for you to first find your paint of preference and then find the channel that will give you the best head start in this medium.


It’s pretty hard to paint poorly with watercolours. So, naturally, this is what we’ve been playing with lately.

The Mind of Watercolor

This is a great channel with lots of videos from the basics of watercolour, how-to tutorials, and figuring out which paints and paper work best. The videos are fairly short, so good for those of us with short attention spans.

Mr. Otter Art Studio

This channel offers a bit of a range of tips and tricks for various creative endeavours, but watercolour is the biggest focus, and it’s a good YouTube channel to learn to paint with watercolour.


If you’re a beginner, this channel may look a little intimidating when you see the awesome paintings on the videos, but who doesn’t want to learn from the best? While he may not be producing videos lately, there is still plenty worth looking back on.

Oil Painting

Definitely not an easy paint to master, oil paintings turn out some of the most stunning realistic pieces, and these YouTube videos to learn how to paint with oil paints, will help you get started.

Lena Danya

Lena is a professional artist and has loads of videos to go through. Like all good YouTubers, she also has a bunch about becoming an artist, for anyone who gets inspired to take that path.

Daria Callie

This is probably one for those who already have some foundational skills, but it’s mesmerising to watch her, and she does a good job of talking through what she is doing.

Acrylic Painting

If you want to learn how to paint with acrylic, it’s probably the easiest to find channels on YouTube. There are loads that are going to be helpful, and we’ve narrowed down just a few.

Painting With Jane

This channel has soooo many videos to follow. She does some live streaming, even, and they are quite long and information-rich so that you can follow along with her, which is super handy.

The Art Sherpa

Fun lady with super high energy and loads upon loads of videos for all levels, as well as live streams, to totally help you become a kick-ass acrylic painter.

Acrylic Painting Techniques

This channel is really nice to relax and paint along with. There are many step-by-step videos, but it’s more of a watch and follow along style channel. There is classical music in the background, no one talking at you on the screen, which is a welcome change after a hectic day.


The paint that Tayla Broekman (a.k.a. the gouache Queen) is famous for, gouache is one of the coolest looking paints (in our humble opinion), and we found some great YouTube channels to help you paint with gouache.

Philip Boelter

This channel is worthwhile just for the music. He does some videos that are “satisfying”, and he’s not wrong. They’re guides on painting with smooth jazz or sweet electronic tunes in the background. Yes, thanks, Philip!

Visual Mind

This channel is good for both gouache and watercolour, but as there are plenty of watercolour channels and few that are gouache specific, we’ve popped her in this list. She has plenty of videos talking through her approach, which gives some great insights to bank.

That’s a wrap, folks. I hope you get something out of these. Please do tag us if you produce any cool work, we love to see budding artists coming up!

Header photo by Regine Tholen on Unsplash.



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