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Adelaide Street Art Photographers To Get Into On Instagram

As the fifth largest Australian city, Adelaide may not be on the radar of tourists, or even other Aussies, as a destination to go hunt down some of the best street art in Australia. But like most of our cities in recent years, Adelaide is vibing. Street art is in, and the artists coming out of this city are top-notch!

Not only is the street art scene here of super high quality, but the city’s stunning architecture makes for a captivating backdrop to house these works of art.

I do have to be honest and admit that I haven’t actually been street art hunting in Adelaide (although I have been for a weekend which informed the above comment on the architecture), so this article is written with input from some of the following photographers, as well as artists and good old Google research.

What I do feel, however, is that if Adelaide is home to (or produced) such artists as Peter Drew, Jack Fran, Vans The Omega and Lisa King, believe me, we want to know what’s going on there.

So, what is going on there?

Well, it looks like street art in Adelaide has been long embraced and acts as home to a mix of mediums, as well as both commissioned walls and work by those who ask for forgiveness from property owners later — such as Peter Drew, whose work is well known and even those who are employed to take it down would prefer not to.

Since 2016, Street Art Explosion has been running as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, which was already the Southern Hemisphere’s largest, and Australia’s biggest, open-access arts festival. The introduction of street art, into this massive programme to celebrate the arts, is a pretty good indicator of the important role street art plays in this scene in Adelaide.

As is the usual MO of these festivals, the Street Art Explosion program runs annually (this one even got to run in 2020, getting in just before the countrywide lockdowns for COVID) to bring Australia’s best emerging and established artists to the city to beautify locations in both the central and outer suburbs.

Street art in Adelaide did not just begin in 2016, however. Artists have been active there for some time, carefully straddling the complex systems that determine whether their art is worthy to stay or go.

For a good insight into this journey, I highly recommend you check out this mini-doco by Ronnie Chin and Frazer Dempseymade, made back in 2013, narrated by Peter Drew.

You can also listen to Peter chat about his work on the Street Art Unearthed podcast.

5 Must-Follow Adelaide Street Art Photographers

We’ve written quite a bit about street art photographers in Australia. We love them. We are eternally grateful for their efforts getting out and pounding the pavement to bring us a little peek into the street art scene wherever they happen to be.

Lucky for us, Adelaide happens to have a number of dedicated street art photographers, including one of Australia’s most known, who are posting daily snaps of quality artworks that go up around the city.

Below are five stunning accounts full of Adelaide street art that you will want to follow…

Don Langanis — @street_relish

Don is the master when it comes to capturing street art in Adelaide. With more than 14k followers on Instagram, he has one of the biggest street art photography accounts in Australia. The wonderful image on our header is also provided by Don (thank you very much!) and painted by Vans the Omega.

Art by Vans the Omega. Photo from street_relish.

Another thing we love about Don is that he captures a lot of graffiti art as well as street art, giving even representation to the diversity of artwork in Adelaide.

Leah — @adelightedlife5

Passionate about street art in Adelaide, Leah posts daily snaps of stunning artworks and is dedicated to tracking down and crediting artists, as well as providing locations so that street art fans, like us, can go and hunt these pieces down.

Art by Julia Townsend. Photo from adelightedlife5.

Not just an account for good street art, but Leah’s photography is also top-class.

Calli — @marcxii

Calli is a dedicated street art photographer based in Adelaide but capturing street art snaps from around the country. She is also a member of Street Art Cities, meaning she is definitely one to follow for accurate locations.

Art by Lisa King. Photo from marcxii.

Another fantastic photographer, Calli’s images often beautifully incorporate nature that perfectly frames her shots.

Dallas — @dallas_streetart

Dallas’ account has quite a cool urbex vibe, capturing graffiti and urban scenes, as well as the quality street art around Adelaide, amplifying the shots with colour editing and other fun photography tricks.

Art by Jack Fran. Photo from dallas_streetart.

Dallas posts fairly regularly and is one to follow for beautiful city-scapes of Adelaide.

John Kirk — @twistedpixelphotography

John Kirk is one emerging account that is worth getting onto for quality photography and a unique perspective of street art and the colourful scenes he finds in Adelaide.

Art by INTI. Photo from twistedpixelphotography.

John has more than 400 snaps to go back on, demonstrating to us that he’s a committed hunter worth watching.

If you are reading this list and think we’ve missed some important people, please do let us know. We’re limited by who knows who and what Google tells us, so we’re always keen to hear from you to learn more about the photographers and artists we should know in Adelaide.

P.S. In researching the street art scene in Adelaide, I stumbled across a bloody gem of a YouTube series by Peter Drew, called Art vs. Reality. Prepare to learn and giggle.



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