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Australian Street Art Festivals | Your Guide To 2021

Well, 2020 was quite the disappointment with festivals cancelled all over the world, people locked indoors, and not much interesting happening — from an events perspective.

Thankfully, that year is over, and we have a new one ahead and 2021 — although we’re all tense to see what actually happens — looks like it may return us some good old outdoor fun.

With interstate travel also back on the books, why not get your holiday fix following street art festivals around Australia?!

Australia Street Art Festivals 2021

Australia has a special affinity to street art. With so many cities and towns embracing the touristic benefits of painting walls, we have a pretty serious density of festivals going on across the continent.

What follows is a comprehensive list of all the festivals (we could find) that are confirmed to go ahead or are known as annual festivals which we expect to go ahead.

If you know of any we’ve missed, please do get in contact via the comments and let us know so that we can add to the list.

Victoria Street Art Festivals

Considering Victoria is one of the most street art friendly states in Australia, it seems hard to believe we could only find two street art festivals looking like reaching this region. Still, while there may not be quantity, there is most certainly quality:

Benalla: Wall to Wall Festival — Confirmed but no dates, yet

Benalla’s Wall to Wall Festival has been running since 2015 turning Benalla into one of the countries most dense street art destinations, attracting national and international artists to paint their walls each year. You can find a map of it all here.

The event has confirmed they will be returning in 2021, but don’t have dates locked in just yet. Check out their website or Facebook page to check for updates.

Frankston: The Big Picture Fest — 15th March

Running since 2018 in Frankston, The Big Picture Fest is a travelling festival that also reaches other locations, although Frankston is the one consistent each year.

The festival is returning to Frankston in 2021, on the 15th March. Be sure to follow their website and Facebook page for news on who’s painting and where.

New South Wales Street Art Festivals

New South Wales street art events are lining up in 2021! Most are outside of the capital, making for great weekend hunting excursions:

Newcastle: Chalk The Walk Festival — 13th — 21st February

Zest Events International runs Chalk The Walk Festivals across the country gathering pavement artists to work their magic for the public.

In 2021, they are confirmed to run from the 13th to 21st of February. Follow them online for more news.

Griffith: Banna Lane Festival — 3rd to 9th May

First launching in 2019, Banna Lane Festival in Griffith has transformed Banna Lane in the CBD and is coming back for another epic year in 2021.

Hitting walls in May, the event has secured artists Reubszz, George Rose, Allan McKenzie Senior, and MAN.De. Check out their website or Facebook page for updates.

Newcastle: The Big Picture Fest — 2021 confirmed but no dates, yet

The Big Picture Fest reached Newcastle for the first time in 2020 after spreading their magic elsewhere across the country for a few years. After a wildly successful first year, The Big Picture Fest is returning to Newcastle in 2021.

At the moment the dates are still not locked in, although the event organisers have confirmed it is going to be determined and released soon. Follow their website and Facebook page for updates.

Wollongong/Port Kembla: Wonderwalls Festival

Wonderwalls is a travelling festival that started in Wollongong in 2012 and has since made its way around Australia. Each year, it returned to the Wollongong area to paint fresh walls.

There is not currently any news on dates and locations for 2021, but be sure to follow their website and Facebook page for news.

Sydney: Vivid Sydney — 6th to 28th August

Vivid Sydney is not exactly a street art event, but instead, an event that often includes some street art in their visual arts programme, so well worth a look at.

Dates for 2021 are already set to run between August 6th and 28th. Check out their website to find the programme as it is released.

NSW far South Coast: REVIVE — 18–26th September

REVIVE was launched for the first time in 2020, despite a challenging COVID year, securing artists Happy Decay, Krimsone, Phibs, Cheryl Overton, and Claire Foxton to paint murals between Batemans Bay to Tilba Tibla on the far South Coast of NSW.

Part of the River of Arts event supported by the NSW Government and Eurobodalla Shire, REVIVE brings a public art component to the annual event. And it’s coming back in September 2021. Be sure to follow their website or Facebook page for more information.

Queensland Street Art Festivals

Queensland street art has been blossoming the last 5 years or so, and with it has come a stack of annual festivals across the South East.

Brisbane: Brisbane Street Art Festival — May

Running since 2016, BSAFest has completely transformed Brisbane bringing massive murals and fun events and activities to the city, as well as other regions close by.

Returning again in May of 2021, the Brisbane Street Art Festival is currently taking expressions of interest and will soon release their schedule. Be sure to follow their website and Facebook page for news.

Nambour: Nambour Street Art Festival — 12th September

Run by Street Art Nambour, each year Nambour gets a makeover with beautiful artworks from both local and national artists.

In 2021 the town will host an arts and culture festival with artisan foods, ales, musicians and artists. The date is set for 12th September, but details are still to come. Check out their website or Facebook page for news.

Sunshine Coast: Horizon Festival — 27th August to 5th September

Although this arts festival is not exclusively about street art, it does engage street artists, and it is responsible for new work going up in the area, as well as hosting fun events and interesting talks.

Dates are confirmed for the 27th of August through to the 5th of September. Follow them on their website or Facebook page to stay up to date on the programme.

Toowoomba: First Coat Block Party

First Coat is the master behind Toowoomba’s street art transformation. Since their original festival in the mid-2010s, the town has been getting some fresh paint each year.

While dates haven’t been released for 2021, we’re hoping the event will return. Keep an eye on their website and Facebook page to check for news.

South Australia Street Art Festivals

South Australia is pumping out the street art festivals in 2021, with three in the capital and one in Tumby Bay.

Adelaide: Street Art Explosion — 19th February to 21st March

Street Art Explosion has been an arm of the Adelaide Fringe Festival since 2016 and is responsible for many of the massive murals in Adelaide’s CBD.

This year the Fringe Festival is running between 19th February and 21st March with the Street Art Explosion also running amongst other fun cultural events. Check out their website for news on the programme.

Adelaide: The Big Picture Fest — July — Specific date still to be confirmed

The Big Picture Fest is doing the round in 2021 covering Frankston, Newcastle, and Adelaide — which will be the first time they’ve reached South Australia.

The festival is confirmed to be going ahead in July, although the exact dates aren’t yet released. Follow their website and Facebook page for updates.

Port Adelaide: Wonderwalls Festival

Wonderwalls is a travelling festival that started in Wollongong in 2012 and reached Port Adelaide in 2015, where it’s been a recurring event since.

There is not currently any news on dates for 2021, and their website is a bit confusing when it comes to the Adelaide stuff, so you’re best to follow the Adelaide specific Facebook page for news.

Tumby Bay: Colour Tumby — 6th-8th March

Colour Tumby is a street art festival born out of the wild popularity seen in the region after having a silo painted nearby.

Their plans for 2020 had to be cancelled due to COVID, but they will be back in March 2021 with a COVID safe plan. Follow their website and Facebook page for updates.

Tasmania Street Art Festivals

Tasmania street art events have historically attracted quality artists to makeover the city and their biggest street art festival is locked in for 2021 to come back with even more.

Hobart: Vibrance Festival — 22nd to 28th February

Vibrance is Tasmania’s biggest annual street art festival, bringing creative talent together from both local and across the ocean to paint the walls of Hobart.

Although dates are set, the full program is yet to be released, so be sure to check their website or Facebook page for updates.

Hobart: Dark Mofo — 16th to 22nd June

Another festival that is not exclusively street art but is a unique arts and culture festival very much worth checking out is Dark Mofo, which runs each winter in Hobart.

Dates are released and the program is due to drop in April. Keep an eye on their website or Facebook page for news.

Northern Territory Street Art Festivals

Getting its fair share of top-notch artworks of late, the NT is becoming quite the street art destination, and we hope that their events will return in 2021.

Darwin: Darwin Street Art Festival

Darwin Street Art Festival started in 2017 and has been running each year since turning Darwin into a wildly popular destination for street art lovers.

So far there is no news about the festival for 2021, but be sure to follow their website and Facebook page for updates.

Alice Springs: Alice Springs Street Art Festival — Confirmed but no dates released

Alice Springs Street Art Festival is run by Red Hot Arts. It was sadly cancelled in 2020, due to COVID, but thankfully we can confirm it’s due back in 2021.

No details are yet released about dates, it’s still in the works, so best to follow their Facebook page for updates.

What else?

As it stands, we couldn’t find any festivals scheduled for WA or the ACT.

As always, please do let us know if we’ve missed anything. While we do a lot of research, we’re not the authority on everything going on, so please do leave us a comment if you know of anything that has slipped past us, so we can add it to the list.

Enjoy the festivals, street art hunters!



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