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Belgrade Street Art Map

For those travelling Europe on the hunt for street art, Belgrade, Serbia seems to fall into one of two categories; you’ve never heard or thought about it, or you’re itching to go after hearing all of the accounts from other visitors about just how wonderful this lesser-known piece of Europe is.

I fell into the first category. When I first started to explore street art in Europe, my dream list included the major street art famous cities. Thankfully, at the time my budget did not permit me to spend too long in these places and circumstance forced me to take a look further afield. The more I dug into Belgrade, the further it crept up my destination priorities.

Street art from BLU in Belgrade

When searching for street art in Belgrade, the most iconic mural to get street art hunters excited is likely to be the massive mural in the Savamala area. The mural by Italian street artist, BLU, shows a giant figure eating a tree with corporate buildings and houses for teeth. Known for their political artwork, this piece is a must-see while in Belgrade.

Searching for Street Art in Savamala

If you look nowhere else for street art in Belgrade, make sure you go to Savamala. While there is art all around the city, this area has the highest density and is nice and central, so you can do it all on foot.

It’s worth starting on Brankov Bridge where you can look around and get a good vantage point of a few pieces in the distance, then make your way down under the bridge and you will immediately see streets covered in street art and graffiti. Zigzag your way along and you will not be disappointed by the array of artwork in Savamala.

Belgrade Street Art Map

I have to admit, my trip to Belgrade was some time ago now and I created my map many months after the visit, so there is a little bit of detail lacking. However, the great news is that there are other writers who I used to map out these hot spots in the beginning. While there is no other street art map, my simple map in combination with the other resources from those who have blazed the path beforehand should serve as a nice comprehensive guide to street art in Belgrade.

Splatrs Belgrade Street Art Map

Other Street Art Guides Worth Checking

If you’re anything like me, you will go to the depths of the internet to make sure there are no gaps in your search for the best street art. To make life easy for you, I’ve pulled together all the best resources for information on street art in Belgrade:

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