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Benalla Street Art Map — Victoria

Most Victorians would be familiar with the rural town of Benalla, two and half hours from Melbourne and packed full of some of the countries best street art, thanks to the Wall to Wall Festival, which has been running now for six years.

The first Wall to Wall Festival came to Benalla in 2015, commissioning work from prolific street artists Rone, Adnate, Askew, Sirum, Ears, Choq, Guido Van Helten, Rashe, Dvate, Slicer, Deams, Kit Bennett, Slicer, 23rd Key and Shawn Lu. That first year there were 12 walls, and the success of the event kicked them off to continue on, with one of the walls — the Burmese girl by Adnate — being named the eighth-best mural in the world by street art publication, Widewalls.

To date, Benalla street art counts well over 50, dotted around the city, from big names on the international street art scene as well as local favourites. What’s more, much of the work can be found within just an hour or two, making it an easy day trip with a big bang for your buck, considering it’s one of the most densely populated outdoor street art galleries in the country.

Sampling Benalla Street Art

Thanks to local photographer, Meredith Tolliday, for sharing a few of her favourite pieces from Benalla to give you a taste of what’s to be found. Considering how regularly artworks are updated, Meredith has tried to give us pieces that have stood the test of time.


Behind the SEC building

This gorgeous doggo is none other than Dvate’s own pride and joy, Tessa, located at the old SEC building viewed from Lowry Place.


Behind the SEC building

This building is made up of three distinct cream brick multi-storey buildings, one behind the other. Therefore, there are three sides walls to paint, a corner and a back wall that is viewed from the road behind Bridge Street. Known as Lowry Place. This was the building that was known originally as the Three Faces. The original paintings were created by Guido van Helten, Adnate and Rone in 2015. The only one of those original 3 remaining is the Burmese Girl by Adnate. It has special significance as it has been judged as the 8th best mural in the world.

Julian Clavijo

Behind the SEC building


23rd Key

Benalla Printing wall, Bridge Street East

Adnate — “Sophia”

In the Uniting Church, Goorambat

This mural was the first artwork for the little township of Goorambat in 2017. Adnate was commissioned to do the mural with a biblical theme, and Sophia was thus chosen. Goorambat is a bit of a drive from Benalla, but worth the trip to visit this piece and a nearby silo by Dvate.

Benalla Street Art Map

While a map of Benalla street art can be found on the Benalla Street Art site, and the Wall to Wall Festival site, neither are downloadable to follow on your phone, so we’ve prepared one that is. Also included are the pieces close by, in Goorambat and Winton. For more silo and water tank art in the region, check out North Vic Trails.

Be sure to also check the festival and local site for any updates.

Where Else Needs Mapping?

Our team here at Splatrs is on a mission to put all Australian towns with street art on the map. We are keen to work with local organisers to spread the word about the quality work that’s going up, and we would love any and all suggestions from you guys on places we need to include.

Shoot us a message via our Instagram page to let us know about your town.



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