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Best Environmental Street Art To Celebrate Earth Day 2020

Wednesday the 22nd of April 2020 brings to us the 50th anniversary of Earth Day; an annual day dedicated to demonstrating support for environmental protection. Our yearly reminder to be better people, care more about the planet we live on and do something (anything) to help edge us all a little closer to an environmentally conscious civilisation working to keep our planet alive for as long as possible.

No year more than 2020 highlights the importance of looking after our environment. Australia welcomed this new year with innumerable people fleeing their homes to escape the rampant bushfires that took blaze months before the usual fire season was anywhere in sight.

Then, the news that’s absolutely everywhere right now — coronavirus — has too emphasised the issues in our societies. The amazing transformations that can occur when entire cities stop driving into the office, and the usual number of flights drastically reduce. That’s the positive, of course. The flip side is the harsh lessons that our health care systems are underfunded and most governments don’t think enough about the future to have solid plans in place for this very inevitable situation that people had been talking about for ages.

Hence the importance of Earth Day!

If we can, for at least one day of the year, all pull our heads out of ass to consider if what we’re doing is helping or hurting, we have the power to make meaningful change.

Best Environmental Street Art

Meaningful change doesn’t have to mean inventing tangible fixes to global warming. It could simply be raising awareness and calling the issue into the mainstream. And no one does that better than street artists.

To celebrate Earth Day and those who persist in raising awareness of the cause, I want to celebrate the best environmental street art that I’ve found in my street art hunting travels.

Fuzeillear — Toowoomba, Australia

Work by Fuzeillear always seems to warrant a double-take as you ponder the meaning behind the mural. In this case, I can’t be sure of what story Fuzeillear was trying to tell, but it draws my mind straight to the situation in the arctic where the habitat of polar bears is gradually melting away.

BLU — Belgrade, Serbia

Murals by BLU are massive and hard-hitting, calling attention in a not so subtle way to whatever issue he is seeking to highlight. This one in Belgrade is a stab at urbanisation.

Löken & Hop Louie — Stockholm, Sweden

I’m not entirely sure if this was intended to be a collaboration or if the artists just happened to have their work side by side, but it does stir emotion to see the final product. The message appearing to mirror Greta Thunberg, the environmental activist who started the school strike for climate change, in her sentiment that people need to wake up, get angry at the situation and do something.

Drapl & Treazy — Brisbane, Australia

Paying tribute to Alice Eather; Indigenous Australian, slam poet, and environmental campaigner, Drapl and Treazy painted this beautiful mural to show appreciation and respect for all of her work.

Want to Get Involved in Earth Day?

If you’re inspired to do so you can get involved in Earth Day’s 24 Hours of Action, where there will be global conversations, calls to action, video sessions and more, all conducted online, focussed on driving change with the belief that no one is too small to make a difference. Sign up here.




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