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Best New Brisbane Street Art

Welcome to another round of what street art has been going up the last month in cities around the country. This week we bring you the best new Brisbane street art.

While Brisbane is my local abode, the following are not my images or insight. This piece is thanks to the wonderful David Skinner at DKJ Street Art Photography, who has graciously shared some of his favourite new pieces to go up in Brisbane recently.

About Your Photographer, David Skinner

One of Australia’s Must Follow Street Art Photographers, David is a dedicated street art hunter who resides in Brisbane and works hard to capture all the best Brisbane street art as it goes up across the city and its outskirts.

David has long been a lover of street art and has an impressive archive of artwork from Australia and the UK. He is also the Brisbane street art hunter for Street Art Cities — a map app that shows you where to find street art in cities across the world — this means he is an amazing resource for exact locations on where to find new street art.

Best New Brisbane Street Art Pieces

Considering David is so good at writing all the relevant info on his Instagram page when he shares new work, we’re oh so lucky to be able to just copy and paste to give you all you need to know about who they belong to and where to find them.

#1 — Drapl, Treazy and Sofles

‘Follow the yellow brick road’ collaboration by @drapl @treazytreaz & @sofles at @shebangscoffee go check out this great new wall and while you’re there #supportlocal and grab a bite to eat or a great coffee…
📍She Bangs Coffee, Tate Street, Albion, Brisbane, QLD

#2 — Sophi Odling

Great to meet Sophi Odling @sophiodling who’s working on this exquisite piece at @tcbeirneandco for @bsafest — thanks for taking the time to chat, looking forward to seeing the fully completed wall 🙏😍
📍T C Beirne, Brunswick Street, Brisbane, QLD

#3 — The Zookeeper

Checked out the new pieces at 65–67 Ann Street today for @bsafest. Here’s part of the incredible piece by Joel Fergie @_thezookeeper
📍Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD

#4 — Jayeezart of The Brightsiders

Here’s the fully completed piece by @jaybeezart @_brightsiders @mayne.line on the side of @bizzellsgarage93 🙏🤯 The piece is of Robin Bizzell owner of the family run garage
📍Latrobe Terrace/Warmington St, Paddington, Brisbane

#5 — Treazy

Here’s another thought provoking piece by @treazytreaz (check his post for more details) overlooking a piece from last year by @sofles for @bsafest @superordinarybne
📍Toombul, Sandgate Rd, Toombul, Brisbane

#6 — Gus Eagleton

Check out another stunning realism piece by Gus Eagleton @instaguss for @bsafest @superordinarybne 🙏🤯 Portrait of street artist Warraba Weatherall, ‘Life’
📍Albert Street, Brisbane



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