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Cairns Street Art Map

This article is part of our Ultimate Queensland Street Art Road Trip — From Brisbane to Cairns series, but it is written to be useful whether you’re going to visit Cairns street art only, or you’re going to check it out as part of a full-on East Coast road trip.

Just two hours from Mission Beach, Cairns is the final destination on our Ultimate Queensland Street Art Road Trip list, and what a way to finish! Cairns’ contemporary street art has blossomed mainly out of the Sea Walls street art festival, which attracted big-name national and international artists (list here).

Sea Walls street art festival is a travelling festival, and in 2018 it came to Cairns to bring awareness to the threats facing our climate. So close to the Great Barrier Reef, where tourists travel in droves, there is no better place than Cairns to tell the stories of the sea and how our behaviour needs to change to save it and our climate.

Cairns Street Art Map

Using the Cairns Arts and Culture website, I sifted through the endless public art pieces to make a map of all the street art (in it’s most common interpretation), which you can find below. While we were there to hunt contemporary street art, I’d definitely recommend you check out this site for other public art and to see what events are on, if you have a while to spend up here.

To guide you through the pieces, we will take a look at them by location.

Gatton Street

“Sea Of Plastic” by Andrea Huelin.

Cairns Showgrounds

“The Cephalopod” by David Houghton.

“Inside Out” by Brontë Naylor.

“Get to Know” by Cracked Ink.

“This Is What I’m Here For” by Georgia Hill.

“Marine Garden” by Studio Dennis.

Bunda Street

“Convenience = Consequence” by Fuzeillear.

Cairns Central Shopping Centre — McLeod Street

“It All Comes Out In The Wash” by Ian McCallum.

“Symbiosis” by Cinzah Merkens.

Grafton Street

“Enigmatic Emanations” by Vans the Omega.

“If We Lose Our Reef, We Lose Ourselves” by Claire Foxton.

“Malabar Grouper With Juvenile Golden Trevally” by Amok Island.

Florence Street

“Evil Bleach” by Daniel Wallwork.

Minnie Street

“It’s a Matter of Time” by Phibs.

There is plenty more art to be found in Cairns. There are loads of sculptures, plenty of other street art pieces, and even they even have their own graffiti lane, just off Grafton Street.

Artist unknown — please let me know if you know them.

That’s all for the Ultimate Queensland Street Art Roadtrip. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Sunshine Coast Street Art Map, Emu Park & Yeppoon Street Art Map, Mackay Street Art Map, Airlie Beach Street Art Map, Home Hill Street Art Map, Townsville Street Art Map, and Mission Beach Street Art Map.



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