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Fish Lane Street Art: Sofles, Fintan Magee, Fuzeillear, And More

Of all the artwork hot spots in Brisbane, Fish Lane street art has to be up there as one of the best. With a high concentration of the countries best artists and artworks, set on the backdrop of the beautiful, modern, narrow Fish Lane, in the gorgeous area of South Bank, Fish Lane is well worth a visit, both for a visual feast and they have some pretty delicious restaurants down there, too.

Street art in Fish Lane runs for four blocks, from West End to South Bank, with pieces from Sofles, Blu Art Xinja, Mimi, Bao Ho, Ms Saffaa, Fintan Magee, and Fuzeillear, as well as a bunch of other pieces by unidentified artists. We will explore them artist by artist.

Sofles Street Art Fish Lane

Sofles is everywhere. There is barely an area in Brisbane that doesn’t feature stunning work from this prolific artist, and it’s no wonder why everyone is happy to have him painting their walls.

Blu Art Xinja Fish Lane

Blu Art Xinja takes blue sculptural pieces and moulds them into the urban landscape wherever he travels.

Mimi Street Art South Bank

Mimi, a.k.a. Emily Devers is a fine artist with a focus on sustainability and creating pieces with maximum impact while using low impact materials.

Bao Ho Fish Lane Street Art

Bao Ho is a Hong Kong-based illustrator and street artist who came to Brisbane for the BSAF in 2018 to bring us a taste of her freestyle approach, which has won her numerous accolades across the globe.

Ms Saffaa Fish Lane Mural

Ms Saffaa is a talented Saudi street artist using art as a means of protest and activism to oppose Saudi Arabia’s male guardianship laws. Her work in Fish Lane is a collaborative piece with other artists close to the movement.

Fintan Magee South Bank Street Art

Fintan Magee is a globally recognised name with his murals standing tall in cities all over the world, painting poignant pictures that demand pause. His piece is not exactly on Fish Lane, but you can’t miss it near the corner, on Merivale Street.

Fuzeillear South Bank Street Art

Fuzeillear, a.k.a. Claire Matthews, is another prolific artist with work all over the city, using the natural world as a muse and carefully added elements that make you look twice at what you’re viewing.

Check out what else is around Brisbane through our Brisbane archives, or download our maps and get hunting with the Brisbane City street art map and Fortitude Valley street art map.


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