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Home Hill Street Art Map

This article is part of our Ultimate Queensland Street Art Road Trip — From Brisbane to Cairns series, but it is written to be useful whether you’re going to visit the Home Hill street art only, or you’re going to check it out as part of a full-on East Coast road trip.

North two hours from Airlie Beach and just one and a half hours before Townsville, Home Hill and the Burdekin Region are smack bang on route if you’re road-tripping, and there is plenty of sweet art to be found.

Stumbling upon the Home Hill street art was a complete accident for us. We were headed to Townsville, after seeing the Airlie Beach street art. We stopped for a bathroom break at the Home Hill Comfort Rest Stop, walked up to the loos, turned around and spotted a massive mural by artist Jon Electros Avocado. Naturally, I ran back to the car, pinned the location on my map and got all giddy about it.

“Burdekin Snow” by Jon Electros Avocado. Image by Stephanie O’Brien.

What we still didn’t realise at that time was that Home Hill had plenty more murals on offer. We left the rest stop, drove a street, slammed the breaks on to snap a picture of yet another Jon Electros mural, then repeated this yet again at the next one up the road.

“Sweet Days, Hot Nights” by Jon Electros Avocado. Image by Stephanie O’Brien.

We then drove more slowly along the main road until we were out of town and headed up to Townsville. We actually only discovered on the way back from our trip up North that there are not three, but six amazing murals in Home Hill. A handful by Jon Electros Avocado, and a handful by Nicky Bidju Pryor.

There are also two in Ayr, which we didn’t get to (as we had no idea what this region had on offer) but we have pinned on the map so you don’t miss ’em.

Home Hill Street Art Map

Home Hill Jon Electros Avocado Murals

Jon Electros Avocado has four of the six murals in Home Hill, which we were thankful to find all of despite not having a clue what was there when we drove through.

“Home Grown” by Jon Electros Avocado. Image by Stephanie O’Brien.

“Party Time” by Jon Electros Avocado. Image by Stephanie O’Brien.

Home Hill Nicky Bidju Pryor Murals

Nicky Bidju Pryor has two murals in Home Hill. Unfortunately, we only got to see one of them on our drive back down as we didn’t realise there was another until we got back home to Brisbane.

“Wallaby & the Sugar Can Man” by Nicky Bidju Pryor. Image by Stephanie O’Brien.

Next stop: Townsville!



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