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Inner City Construction Site Brought To Life By Brisbane Street Artists

On the 2nd of May 2020, the day that Brisbanites were finally able to leave their home without risk of being fined, the Brisbane Street Art Festival (by some amazing stroke of luck) got the green light to continue their previously set plans: gather ten local artists to go to town on an otherwise uninteresting underpass, at the Cross River Rail construction site in Brisbane’s CBD.

While the entire thing was live-streamed on Twitch to encourage people to tune in and show their support from home, this little street art hunter was itching to leave the house and had the pleasure of dropping in over the weekend to say hi and watch the transformation.

Allow me to introduce you to the artists and their creations…

Cross River Rail Street Artists

Ash Taylor — “Shifted”

Brisbane born and bred, Ash Taylor is an incredible illustrator who’s been flexing her skills for muralism in recent years… And nailing it! Follow Ash on Instagram.

Dom O’Leary — “Soaper Hero”

Illustrator and artist, Dom O’Leary is drawn to painting fierce women, and in this case “Soaper Hero’s” in the fight against COVID-19. Follow Dom on Instagram.

Leah Falcocchio — “In This City”

Leah Falcocchio is an active part of the Brisbane art scene, with her lettering work painted up to be seen on many a site around the city. Follow Leah on Instagram.

Xana Denruyter — “Inner City Foliage”

Drawing inspiration from flora and fauna, Xana Denruyter paints, draws and embroiders stunning scenes of nature. Follow Xana on Instagram.

Gumalab — “Cachicamo”

Brazilian native blessing Australia with his talents, Gumalab paints with inspiration from ancient knowledge and lost connections between cultures. Follow Gumalab on Instagram.

Aleja Hine — “I Got This”

Self-taught painter and earing designer, Aleja Hine has more recently been getting busy with muralism, where she explores the concept of balance. Follow Aleja on Instagram.

Yin Lu — “Yinfusion”

Chinese-Australian artist, Yin Lu draws inspiration from her Chinese heritage for her artwork, which she expresses through illustration, design and muralism. Follow Yin on Instagram.

Col McElwaine — “Nothing New”

Col McElwaine is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work for the Cross River Rail site is a nod of respect to Romanian-American journalist, Rukmini Maria Callimachi. Follow Col on Instagram.

Chris Mangos — “ISO”

Designer and illustrator, Chris Mangos is a multi-skilled artist who plays with a variety of mediums and explores depth in his work. Follow Chris on Instagram.

Tori-Jay Mordey — “Cat Girl vs Bat Girl”

Tori-Jay Mordey is an Indigenous Australian illustrator and artist flexing her skills in digital illustration, drawing, painting, printmaking, film and muralism. Follow Tori-Jay on Instagram.

What’s Next for the Brisbane Street Art Festival?

Since sometime last year, May 2020 was scribbled in the calendar as the month that annual Brisbane Street Art Festival was set to kick off and take over the city. Of course, March and April 2020 were the months that Governments worldwide saw COVID sweeping their countries and decided that public life, including public art, would be cancelled until further notice.

While many of the events, workshops, talks and other incredible projects are on pause, for now, the resilient team at Brisbane Street Art Festival have been getting creative and continuing on with part of their schedule to paint to the city of Brisbane, while live-streaming it to their eager audience on Twitch.

Follow their Instagram and Facebook for news on what’s next and look for live-streamed art instalments on the BSAF Twitch channel.



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