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Mackay Street Art Map

This article is part of our Ultimate Queensland Street Art Road Trip — From Brisbane to Cairns series, although it is written to be useful whether you’re going to visit the Mackay street art only, or you’re going to check it out as part of a full-on East Coast road trip. For information on all of the street art locations along the East Coast of Queensland, check out the hyperlink above.

Art by The Brightsiders. Image from Stephanie O’Brien.

Mackay Street Art Map

Located about four hours from Yeppoon, and two hours to Airlie Beach, Mackay is a fairly accessible location with a great vibe and some quality cafes to appease the snobby tastebuds of tourists like myself.

Mackay street art may only primarily exist in one laneway in the centre of town, but that little street art lane is full from top to bottom with quality artwork from artists both local and from other parts of the country.

Art by Kate Brunner and Marissa Moore. Image from Stephanie O’Brien.

Jodie Connolly, one of the organisers, tells us: “The Laneway came about from a council initiative called AMP grant (Activate my Place) and I went along to a community forum where Gill from Villiage Well (Melbourne) was the guest speaker. Myself and a couple of artists decided that the 5th Lane needed a bit of TLC as the previous artwork was faded and some of the pasteups were falling off.

“We applied for a small grant and the city centre coordinator (at the time, Vanessa Hart) saw the potential and we received further funding to make it what it is now.”

Today, Fifth Lane features artwork from Marissa Moore, Kate Brunner, Maya Harrison, Brigitte Zimmerman, Muddy Grimes, Hanh Mooncat, Traci Lietzke, Marilyn Bliss, Jodie Connolly, Donna Maree Robinson, Nicole Zhara, Lesley Kane, Lyn Ahmat, The Brightsiders, Jan Ward, Scott Nagy, Sue Mitchell, Nic Zhara, Simon Pope, Cara Sanders, Dan Cydes, Corey, Katrina Matthews, Anita Laura Kroeger, Tara Smith and Rosanne Kirby.

You absolutely do not need this map to find the street art in Mackay, as there are only two locations for you to find, but it’s here anyway, so you can’t miss ’em.

Mackay Fifth Lane Street Art

What was only a few years ago a trashy alley, is today a place of wonder for locals and tourists alike. Another interesting feature in this project is the augmented reality (AR) aspect which brings some of the pieces to life through a mobile phone app called Zapper App.

While I’m a bit of a street art purist who initially felt this element was unnecessary, I have to admire the skill of the analogue and digital coming together to enhance the pieces and create extra layers of excitement in their viewing.

Art by The Brightsiders. Image from Stephanie O’Brien.

Art by Owlet and DCYDES. Image from Stephanie O’Brien.

Art by Scott Nagy. Image from Stephanie O’Brien.

Art by The Brightsiders. Image from Stephanie O’Brien.

Mackay UQ Street Art

The other location with street art in Mackay is the University, which has a piece by Marissa Moore on building no. 2.

Art by Marissa Moore. Image from Stephanie O’Brien.

Mackay Fifth Lane Street Art Doco

On researching the street art in Mackay and the Fifth Lane project, I stumbled on this short doco that talks about the background of the alleyway and how the project came together. It’s an interesting look into the enthusiasm and passion behind the town. It’s only 10 minutes long, too, so not too big a time commitment.

Next stop: Airlie Beach.



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