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Melbourne Street Art Since Lockdown — Part 1

For those of us outside of Melbourne, it feels like an eternity since it’s seemed safe to casually venture there for a street art hunting holiday. Now, of course, not even local street art photographers are able to go outside of their 5km radius to capture what’s going up.

While restrictions are forcing both artists and photographers indoors, there has still been a helluva lot to going on in the last few months, as I learned when asking Melbourne street art photographer, George (@streetartninja), for the few pics of what’s been happening.

Much to my surprise, George shared dozens of images, so much so that I had to just take those in the last 6 weeks or so — oh, how I love Melbourne!

About Your Photographer: George — @streetartninja

Lucky enough to live close by to much of the artwork that’s gone up while restrictions have been in place, George is one of very few street art photographers who’ve been able to get snaps of the latest Melbourne street art. His tenacity is keeping us all connected to the best of what’s happening while outsiders are unable to get in.

ABER Artist

Damien Arena (da.imagemaker)

Mike Makatron

Lisa King

Be sure to check out the Street Art Unearthed podcast with Lisa King.


Michael Porter, Tom Gerrard, and DscreetOne

Ling ID and 1nine2ones

Lucy Lucy


Can You Help Street Art Australia?

Recently Australia’s most prolific street art photographer, Lou Chamberlin, was the victim of an account takeover. Lou owned the @streetartaustralia Instagram account that every single street art lover would have undoubtedly been following. While she has this handle back (you should go follow her), she has lost all of her past images and her followers.

Lou has literally written the book(‘s) on street art in Australia. She has been documenting the art form since the early 2000s. To lose this account is to lose the most comprehensive source of modern Australian street art history. So… how can you help?

Instagram has been painfully unhelpful, and we are hoping for strength in numbers. The person who has taken over this account has changed the name to @turankemal48. You can help by reporting this account as fraudulent to Instagram and if anyone has an email address for anyone at Instagram, please, please, please get in contact with Lou (@streetartaustralia) so that she can get connected to someone who can help her get her data back.

Thank you so much for your help!



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