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Monto Street Art Map — Queensland’s Rural Art Gem

As the phenomenon of street art and silo art sweeps rural towns of Australia, Monto is the latest to get on board, contracting Queensland based street art legends, Drapl and Zookeeper, to beautify the town.

What began as a few murals in the town, has expanded to incorporate the local water tower and the prized piece of artistic real estate; the Three Moon Silos.

With the addition of the water tower and the silos, Monto is now officially on the map; the Silo Art Trail map, which is putting towns back on the itinerary for those travelling the country looking for a unique route with quality artwork to stop and admire.

After speaking with Drapl on the Street Art Unearthed podcast about the plans he and Zookeeper had for Monto, we couldn’t resist driving up from Brisbane to take a peek at what had been created there.

Monto Street Art Map

While it’s very easy to locate the artwork in Monto, we’ve made a handy map anyway, so that there is no guesswork as to where to find the good stuff. You don’t want to miss any, after all.

Monto Silo Art

When you’re first coming into Monto, if you’re coming along the Burnett Highway, you’re going to spot the Silos pretty quickly. The backside of the silos are not painted, so you may drive in wondering if you’re in the right spot, but as the road curves around you will be greeted with a stunning image depicting the Three Moons story, which was told to the artists by a local elder, about the Gooreng Gooreng people and how they used to help farmers move cattle. Because they did not speak the same language, the farmer would tell them to come back in three moons.

The silo art depicts a portrait of this elder telling the story to his granddaughter who sits beside him in this huge mural.

Keeping Indigenous stories strong in the mural, the team have also painted an emu hidden up in the night sky (in the completed piece), depicting some of his Dreamtime tales. Unfortunately, this is a progress shot and we weren’t there once the mural was finished off.

This is a work in progress shot, with Drapl up in the lift busy adding to the piece. For the most up to date images, follow Drapl or Zookeeper on Instagram.

Monto Street Art

Once you’ve finished soaking in the beauty of the silo art, you will want to venture into the town of Monto where you can find more beautiful work. Our personal favourite is the curious cow which you will see on your left as you drive on up Newtown Street.

In this lane, opposite the cow, you can find another captivating piece by Zookeeper and Drapl “looking into the sunset”.

Finally, further down here you can spot a mural of local legend, Cheryl, who struck the hearts of the artists so much so that they immortalised her on the wall of her town.

Monto Water Tower Art

Last on the Monto art tour is the water tower, located at Rotary Park, where kids hang from the trees and play in the water.



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