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Nambour Street Art Map

On the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Nambour is not a spot that many people would plan to go over their beach-binging holidays. It’s not near the water, and it’s not exactly hyped up by Sunshine Coast locals, but Nambour street art is one thing worth raving about, and it’s a very good reason to give this little town a visit.

Located in-land about 20 minutes from Maroochydore, Nambour is close enough to warrant a little drive away from the beach. Also, as we mentioned, there is street art… So in our minds, that warrants an entire road trip!

Quick History of Street Art in Nambour

As with many locations across Australia, Nambour has begun to embrace street art as a way to beautify the town; creating artworks with local and nationally renowned artists to elevate the area, attract tourists and give locals more love for their neighbourhood.

The Nambour Street Art Festival started in 2018 and was part of a five-year plan to bring street art to Nambour. In 2019, the festival ran again with great success, and we all know what 2020 has been like… It’s fair to assume this year’s festival is on pause (as with all the other fun plans we had this year).

Whatever is to happen in the coming year for street art in Nambour, the town has successfully cemented itself as a worthwhile destination to hunt street art on the Sunshine Coast. Other locations can be found here.

Nambour Street Art Map

As is the case with all the other street art maps made by the Sunshine Coast Council, the one officially available has been made as a PDF, which is not all that helpful to follow in real-time. Never fear, though, my friends, we’ve got you covered with the downloadable Google map of all the best spots, which you can follow the blue dot as you walk.

We haven’t got pictures of the sculpture art, and we won’t cover it when delving into the art and artists below, but we have added it to the map for anyone who wants to check it out.

Howard Street

Here you can find stunning murals by Jenny Saunders, David Houghton, Adam Lewczuk, Fiona Groom, and more.

Art by Jenny Saunders.

Art by David Houghton.

Art by David Houghton and Adam Lewczuk.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Art by Fiona Groom.

Queen Street

All down this street there are gorgeous crochet covered trees, an iconic Queen Bee wall by Mieke Salna, and some super cool work by Eve Mia, LEF (Lily Flynn) and René Danika.

Art by Mieke Salna.

Art by Eve Mia, LEF (Lily Flynn) and René Danika.

Lowe Street

Cute piece by Mr Mupz down a little lane next to Heritage Bank.

Art by Mr Mupz.

Art by Mr Mupz.

C-Square and Civic Way

At the C-Square entrance from the station, there is an incredible piece by Mandy Schöne-Salter, and along Civic Way you can find work by The Brightsiders.

Art by Mandy Schöne-Salter.

Art by The Brightsiders.

Price Street

Down the road, there is a nice mural by Ross Holloway and a few cute paintings on at mechanics.

Art by Ross Holloway.

Currie Street

“Bird Shapes Unfolding” by EJ Zyla down a little lane off Currie Street.

Art by EJ Zyla.

Bury Street

This was an accidental find and an absolute treat! Next door to Small Change Espresso there is a mural by Fuzeillear and loads of great artwork and graffiti by others.

Art by Fuzeillear.

Artist unknown.

For more Sunshine Coast street art, check out our full Sunshine Coast street art map, or head straight to Caloundra street art, or Maroochydore street art.



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