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Why Spleet Africa?

Living in Africa is simply…broken. Renting an apartment in major cities has become such a nightmare with numerous pain points ranging from discrimination to overpriced squalid apartments that more and more people are getting fed-up.

Africa’s growing real estate market has resulted in overpriced houses that lack even the most basic amenities. And bias in accepting tenants has resulted in discrimination based on gender, tribe, and religion.

In cities like Lagos, renting a mini-flat presents numerous challenges from dealing with agents who are more concerned about getting paid than helping you, getting a terrible apartment in the heart of the city, or braving the traffic and distance to rent a far cheaper, more livable home on the outskirts.

Other issues with renting in this part of Nigeria include having to pay rent for two years upfront, having to pay exorbitant agent fees, and running the risk of getting scammed into paying for apartments that have been sold.

Spleet Africa offers a sensible, easier path to renting in Africa.

Our solution at Spleet Africa has focused on simplifying the process of renting an apartment across Africa. The journey of providing Africans with the kind of liveable apartments that ensure comfortable living for them starts from onboarding landlords and homeowners on the Spleet Africa Hosting platform.

In order to ensure that we are offering the best homes to our members, we have a team of facility managers that concern themselves with viewing and ensuring homes meet a certain standard. But that’s not all.

Finding a home on Spleet Africa has been thoroughly simplified so that potential renters can search for their next home by filtering with price range, location, number of rooms, or duration of stay. As long as you know what you want and can afford, finding a place that suits you is not a problem on Spleet.

Also, by eliminating the need for agents and middlemen, you no longer have to go through the stress of paying agent fees to numerous people only to end up in the same terrible houses. With Spleet Africa’s Search feature, you can find a home you like, book it on the website, and move in when you’re ready.

You can also use our Waitlist feature to tell us what specific features you want in your next home and we will prioritise that as we work to make your living easier and better.

Flexible payment structures make it easier to rent comfortable homes.

One of the major pain points for renting in Nigeria has to be landlords demanding for over one year of rent upfront. This has resulted in many people missing out on the houses they wanted to rent simply because they could not afford to pay 2 years of rent upfront.

Renters on Spleet Africa enjoy a flexible payment structure that allows them to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on what works best. This ensures that you can experience comfortable, flexible living, and shorten the time you spend looking for homes that fit your budget.

Flexible rent payment structures make it easier for renters to enjoy a more comfortable experience when settling down, especially when they’re moving to a new city. Thankfully, the Nigerian government is becoming more interested in implementing this structure nationwide.

Value Added Services to make living more comfortable for you.

Spleet Africa’s core mission is to provide living solutions that promote easier, comfortable living across Africa. Beyond helping people find comfortable homes more easily, we are committed to helping them settle in and live comfortably in their new homes.

Our Value Added Services are tailored to serve Spleet members with a number of third party services all focused on making life simpler and easier. From furnishing your new apartment to taking care of laundry and feeding, to getting loans for your rent renewal when your income is slow, to getting quality medical care, Spleet members can experience a more seamless experience with Value Added Services.

🚀 From Lagos 🇳🇬 to Accra 🇬🇭

Spleet Africa’s experiment has quickly become a much needed solution in Lagos, particularly, and Nigeria generally. We have helped several hundreds of people find and enjoy comfortable living spaces and are now looking forward to serving the growing market in Ghana.

Spleet in Ghana is nearing its launch and as we continue to work on bringing more Ghana homeowners and property managers on board, we are looking forward to opening the doors to our members and intending renters who have indicated interest in renting in Ghana.

Join our Ghana waitlist here and tell us the kind of apartment you’ll like to get and be the first to know when we launch.



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