Acquisitions from Gett, Lyft and Go-Jek, GM’s autonomous fleet & more

Welcome to our weekly highlights. Read the most important news on urban mobility, keep updated and follow us for a weekly digest. We post every Tuesday! Last week’s headliners included Lyft, YesGraph, DataScore, Gett, StreetSmart, Go-Jek, Loket, GM, Tekne Capital, ,Ola and Scooterson.

Lyft acquires YesGraph and DataScore

In order to keep up and boost its rapid growth, Lyft acquired two startups last week. YesGraph and DataScore are now part of the ride-hailing firm. Both firms focus on customer acquisition and retention and are meant to help the ride-sharing platform gain more drivers and riders as well as capitalise from its existing ones.

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Gett Acquires StreetSmart

The Israeli ride-sharing platform Gett has recently acquired the route-finding startup StreetSmart. Gett CEO Boris Kornfeld commented “Such a talented group of people will be an asset to Gett’s existing artificial intelligence staff, Streetsmart’s technology will help us retain our position as technology leaders in Israel and the world.”

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Go-Jek acquires Loket

Go-Jek’s latest acquisition reflects the company’s drifting away from being a ride-sharing platform. For an undisclosed amount, the Indonesian unicorn acquired the online ticket booking and event management startup “Loket”. Part of the business of the acquired company is radio-frequency identification (RFID) bracelets that can be used at events for cashless payments, information recollection, crowd monitoring and control access.

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Cruise Automation launches autonomous Chevy Bolt fleet in San Francisco

GM’s autonomous driving division “Cruise Automation”, has launched it autonomous ride-sharing app as as a beta version for employees based in San Francisco. GM’s engineers can order an autonomous ride through the application, proving that autonomous fleets will be a reality sooner than we think. Another perk of the application is that employees don’t have to pay for it. Lucky them!

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Tekne Captial Managment funds Ola

Indian cab aggregator Ola has just raised $36 million in funding from Tekne Capital Management, a hedge fund based in New York.

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Scooterson gets $700k funding, goal: $1.5m seed round

Scooterson, maker of intelligent electric kick-scooters, based in San Fransisco has just raised $700k as part of an expected $1.5 m seed round. The funds come from angel investors based in Singapore and India and from India-based Sai Anurag. Scooterson’s scooters use AI and will eventually be autonomous. The firm plans to allow customers to subscribe to a “smart scooter service”, so besides private ownership, Scooterson is to become a ride-sharing platform.

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