Lyft and Waymo form a self-driving partnership, Cabify raises $100 million, Uber works with taxi drivers in Myanmar & more

Welcome to News Highlights by Splyt, the place where you can find the most important news and trends in the urban mobility industry every week. Cabify, Lyft & Waymo, Yidao, Uber and BMW are in the center of the most important stories from last week. Read below to find out what has been happening in the ride-hailing and automotive industries and stay up to date.

Cabify raises $100 million, plans to raise$400 million more

The Spanish ride-hailing firm Cabify has raised $100 million dollars in series D funding. The money comes from existing investors, including Rakuten, Seays Ventures and AngelList. It is believed that Cabify still has plans to raise a remaining $400 million of a rumoured initial plan. The funds are most likely meant to be used to power their growth in Latin America.

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Yidao obtains online operating car hailing license from Beijing

Yidao has officially obtained an official operating license from the Transport Administration of Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission. The license that Yidao has been granted allows them “to run car-hailing businesses for four years until May 7, 2021”.

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Uber launches in Myanmar

Uber has entered Myanmar in a very unusual way; as opposed to competing against local taxi drivers, they have introduced their services operating only through them. This might put uber at an advantage over competitors given that working with licensed taxis sets the company on good terms with the government. This might be a wise move from the ride-hailing giant when entering a new country. Uber can definitely spare itself from being in legal trouble given the possible upcoming regulatory blow it may encounter in Europe.

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Lyft and Waymo form a self-driving partnership

One of the biggest news in the urban mobility industry last week was announced just yesterday: Lyft, the second largest ride-sharing provider in the US, has united forces with Waymo in order to develop self-driving cars. This certainly increases the rivalry between Lyft and Uber, given the lawsuit between Waymo and the former. Lyft has already made a deal with automaker GM for working on self-driving technologies in the past. The new deal with Alphabet’s Waymo is supposed to leave the GM’s and Lyft partnership untouched.

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BMW’s Drive Now expands fleet with 550 EV more

Showing its strong will to transit towards being a greener car provider, BMW plans to enlarges its car-sharing fleet “Drive Now” with 550 electric vehicles. The breakdown is 400 complete EV and 150 plug-in hybrids — the cars will be delivered in the German city of Hamburg by 2019 as well as adding a large number of charging points to power the fleet.

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