Lyft valuated at 7.5 Billion, Daimer & Bosch’s Robo-taxis and more

Welcome to the 4th edition of Weekly News Highlights by Splyt. This week: Lyft raises 500 million raising its valuation 36%, Daimler plans to launch Robo-Taxis in Germany and Silicon Valley, Otonomo, a cloud solution platform raises $25 million, Udacity gets into the self-driving game and Uber is banned from Italy.

Lyft valuation reaches $7.5 Billion after $500 million funding round

The American ride-hailing company, Lyft, recently raised $500 million dollars, raising its valuation by $2.4 billion. Details on the funding have not yet been disclosed.

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Daimler plans to launch Robo-taxis in Silicon Valley and Germany by 2023

Stemming from the trend of drifting away from traditional ownership into ride-sharing, Daimer and Bosch partner up to enter the self-driving taxi market. The partnership attempts to address fundamental trends in the automotive industry and will also allow them to monetise data obtained from the cars. According to Boston Consulting Group up to 25% of car sales will be autonomous vehicles by 2035. Plans are to have the robo-taxis running within six years.

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Otonomo raises $25 million in series B funding round

The Israeli startup Otonomo’s offers a cloud solution that collects data from cars. The big plus of the company’s solution is precisely that: it requires nothing additional in the car in comparison to having a modem installed and paying third party companies to export and store the data. Data collected from cars seems to be a quite lucrative business and a huge upcoming trend.

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Voyage Auto by Udacity

“Voyage Auto” is a startup that has emerged out of Udacity’s vice president Oliver Cameron and students coursing the Self-driving car nanodegree. The company claims that it “is building an extremely cheap and safe autonomous taxi service.”. The spinoff here is that the startup is focusing on creating an experience for passengers to feel as if they are the driver. Their plans are also to create their own ride-hailing app through which their vehicles will operate. Remarkably, the company wants to have their cars to be serving people as soon as possible.

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Uber is banned in Italy

The american company has been now banned in all of Italy because of “unfair competition” with local taxi drivers. The main complaint seems to be that Uber is not obeying the transportation authorities’ rules, for instance, the rates are set by the company itself, not by the authorities.

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