“Smart Cities, Smart Mobility” is out, Careem closes $500 m series E round & more

Welcome to our weekly news digest — the place where you can find the most important news about the urban mobility scene. This week, we have the pleasure to announce that Splyt’s advisory board member, Lukas Neckerman, has recently published his book “Smart Cities, Smart Mobility”. On funding: Careem closes its E round series and Ola raises capital from a NYC hedge fund. Cabify seeks funding in order to expand in Latin America and unites forces with Easy Taxi.

Book release: “Smart Cities, Smart Mobility”

Just last week, Neckermann Strategic Advisors, lead by our advisory board member Lukas Neckermann, announced the publication of its long awaited book “Smart Cities, Smart Mobility”. The book deals with the transforming era of infrastructure, technology and transportation that we are currently living in. The book describes a “smart city” as one that “combines its data, its resources, its infrastructure and its people to continually focus on improving liveability”. The book also talks about the role that e-hailing plays in today’s urban mobility sphere — Lukas mentions that “The social, cultural shift toward hailing is so strong, that an entire generation has built their urban experience around access, rather than ownership. We are definitely looking forward to get our hands on the book — Smart Cities, Smart Mobility has initially been released as eBook (Matador Business Press). Italian, German and French versions will follow shortly. Printed versions will be available via Corporate Vehicle Observatory.

Careem raises another $150 million, raising its valuation to over $1 billion

On the second tranche of a Series E round of $500 million , the leading e-hailing startup in the Middle East, Careem, has raised the remaining $150 million. The round was led by the Kingdom Holding from Saudi Arabia — fund which has already invested in the American e-hailing company Lyft. The German carmaker Daimler, owner of MyTaxi, Hailo and Taxibeat, was said to also participate in the round. Klaus Entenmann, Daimler’s CEO for Financial Services wrote to TechCrunch on a statement:

“With our investment in Careem, we are now taking the strategic step to becoming the world’s leading provider of mobility services.”

Careem’s valuation is now estimated to be more than $1 billion.

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Ola raises $50 million

New York City-based Tekne Capital management has recently invested $50 million in India’s Ola.

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Cabify seeks further funding & partners with Easy Taxi

Last month Cabify raised $100 million and it is planning to raise another $300 million. According to sources, the funds will be going towards growth in Latin America. Bloomberg mentioned that Cabify and Easy Taxi have been working together since December. Easy Taxi was Cabify’s main competitor in Brazil but uniting forces will definitely put them ahead in the e-hailing race.

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