Listing Campaigns Now Support Video, So You Can Capture (and Keep) Buyers’ Attention

Konrad Kaczmarczyk
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3 min readDec 2, 2018


Christmas has come early for Spoke users — you can now use video in your Listing Campaigns. Hooray!

This much-anticipated feature release will help you grab potential buyers’ attention, and deliver your sales pitch quicker and more effectively.

Here’s how it works

For those of you who sync your CRM to Spoke, adding a video is as simple as drag-and-dropping or uploading your video file to the Edit Ads page (after you preview your ads). However, you can also add a video when creating a new listing campaign. You’ll see the Property video file option on the Create a new listing page.

The most important thing to note is that you must upload the video to Spoke directly. Facebook doesn’t allow YouTube, Vimeo or other links.

There are a few other important restrictions you need to know about:

  • Length
    We recommend you keep your videos around 15 seconds — as people’s attention spans drop off after that. However, anything below 60 seconds is ok. Facebook supports ridiculously long videos (up to 240 minutes) — but anything longer than a minute won’t be able to be published on Instagram or as an in-stream video, so keep it short and sweet.
  • Format
    Spoke supports all common video formats — mp.4, .mov, .avi, .mkv, .ogv, .gif, .wmv… the list goes on. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find a video format we don’t support — especially if you’re using a professional videographer.
  • Resolution
    For crystal clear videos, we recommend your videos be at least 600 pixels wide. So, make sure you’re uploading high quality videos — ideally shot in HD.
  • File size
    We want you to be able to show off your listings in all their high-res glory — so Spoke supports videos up to 4GB in size. That’s huge.

What’re you waiting for — start using them in your listing campaigns today!

Your vendors don’t want to fork out for a professional property video, complete with drone footage and all? No worries — you can still create your own content, without the expense.

DIY videos for your Listing Campaigns

You could shoot a video walkthrough yourself, or even a quick neighbourhood snapshot highlighting the incredible restaurant just “a stone’s throw away” that’s mentioned in the ad text. Think outside the box!

We recommend:

  • a decent Smartphone
  • a Gimbal Osmo (to help keep your phone level while it’s being moved around) — or an incredibly steady hand
  • a lapel mic, if you plan on having audio
  • a smartphone-compatible tripod, if you want to feature in the video — or bring along a friend!

It’s also a good idea to edit and trim your videos. You’ve only got 60 seconds, remember.

There are tonnes of apps that make it ridiculously easy to splice together video footage. Some of our favourite affordable (or free) video editing apps for beginners are:

For iOS:

For Android:

If you run into any issues when you’re uploading your videos, please get in contact with our Support team at

Stay tuned, video ads will be available for Agent and Appraisal Campaigns shortly.