Norway and Singapore tops in Global Internet index

Internet speed test company OOKLA released global internet index based on average download speed in 100 countries for month July 2017. Ranking orders over 100 countries for both Mobile and Fixed line broadband. Also, it provides increase and decrease in global ranking from last month.

To participate in list it is important for countries to have minimum 670 unique user speedtest for mobile and 3333 test for fixed broadband each month. OOKLA listed 122 countries for mobile and 133 for fixed broadband.

According to list Norway tops the list in mobile with 52.59 Mbps speed and Iraq is at last position with 3.03 Mbps while Singapore tops the fixed broadband list with 154.38 Mbps and Venezuela is at last position with 3.20 Mbps.

Clicking on a country brings up charts that show 13 months of data tracking average upload and download speeds for both mobile and fixed broadband. Hovering over the data point for a particular month shows the measured speed and world ranking for that month.

OOKLA releases report every month and this particular report covers last month i.e., July 2017. This reports brings clear picture of internet speed throughout the world. If you don’t know your internet speed try powered by OOKLA.

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Originally published at on August 15, 2017.