AWS Summit: Subin Subaiah, CEO of Spuul & Spokkz, On Their Successful Partnership with AWS

Subin Subaiah, CEO of Spuul & Spokkz presenting at the AWS Summit


Singapore, June 24, 2018: Subin Subaiah, CEO of Spuul & Spokkz, recently spoke about their long-term successful partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Innovation is a core part of Spuul, not only is it absolutely necessary but it is the difference between life and death for the business. To Spuul, every customer is a unique user with different preferences in language, device, kind of content, payment methods, attention span, genre preferences, etc.

Originally, Spuul was based on a subscription video on demand (SVOD) based, whereby subscribers would watch movies from a catalogue that Spuul had in its portfolio. However, as the service expanded to more countries, demands for linear TV watching increased in different regions of the world and this was not longer possible to accomplish in house. Therefore, a partnership with AWS was needed.

When Spuul chose to partner up with AWS, it made good business sense. Utilizing AWS, Spuul was able to transition from a high-cost solution to a low-cost solution.

Deployment upgrades were able to be implemented before the customer even noticed. Most importantly, AWS brought scalability that was also responsive to change. With over 150 jurisdictions worldwide, effective traffic management and reliability were 2 huge areas AWS addressed.

Similar to Amazon, Spuul is a company that works hard to charge less. Cost is a key factor for a small margin business. Customers pay for what they consume and there are no upfront costs for delivery of over 200 linear TV channels. AWS provided a solution that was cheaper than Spuul doing it themselves since expertise is a luxury cost.

Spuul’s use of AWS has lead to increased customer engagement that also boosts customer confidence. Effective customer relationship is possible with AWS. Upgrades and new launches can be instantly fulfilled. Customer queries can immediately be resolved. Integrated teamwork, effective collaboration, is built into AWS. Spuul’s partnership with AWS has successfully built long-term relationships with customers that creates a wonderful experience for them and charges them less for it!

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