Content Creators Can Defend Their Autonomy With SPOKKZ

When a person has more than 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, it would be hard to call them “unpopular”. But gaining followers, and building up a funding base for new content are very different things. Major online media platforms like YouTube are great for distribution, but making money from a YouTube channel isn’t easy.

The thing is, even though platform like YouTube or Apple create a great way to deliver media to fans, they hardly give the creatives a fair cut of the advertising revenue that creates their yearly profits. Streaming services like Netflix are great platforms for established creatives, but they are very difficult to break into if you haven’t made a million-dollar movie yet.

Here at Spuul, we want to see family-friendly content get the funding it deserves. Instead of becoming popular and learning that the next step is next to impossible, our SPOKKZ platform helps creatives find their audience, and then helps them fund their next project!

SPOKKZ Changes the Online Media Market

The SPOKKZ token is about a lot more than delivering media. Because SPOKKZ is blockchain-based, and allows fans to connect directly with creatives, it is a very different system. Great media relies on funding, and that is exactly what our new SPOKKZ token will deliver to content creators.

Did you know that the Hollywood blockbuster “Lost in Translation” was produced for just over $4 million USD?

It’s true, and if they had used our SPOKKZ token to crowdfund the production, all of the fans that supported the project would have gotten to share in the $115 million+ USD payday that Lost in Translation created.

Spuul has built a successful Over-The-Top (OTT) media platform that relies on delivering the content that our users want to see. We don’t get in the way, and we don’t judge creatives and fans. The message is what matters, and we want to see great media shine.

Great Media Needs Independence

Whenever an established media-machine is in control of the entire creative process, ideas that fall outside of the mold probably won’t get the funding they need to thrive. Here at Spuul, we are tired of seeing innovative creatives at the mercy of the studio system, and we are making things change for the better.

The SPOKKZ token is the answer to this problem. Over the next year, we know that SPOKKZ will begin to change the way that media is distributed, and funded. Not only does SPOKKZ encourage the open sharing of information, it helps creatives get paid for their hard work!