Democratizing Your Favourite Films with Spokkz — Spuul’s Tokenised OTT Content Streaming Platform

Many media types are available on Spuul & Spokkz

Spuul is often likened to the Netflix of Bollywood — both Spuul and Netflix are over-the-top (OTT) content-streaming platforms. However, Spuul has made a bold move that is one step ahead of its kind. With its newest platform, “Spokkz”, Spuul is bringing blockchain into the content-streaming world, tokenising payment and doing away with conventional subscription plans.

Viewers no longer have to pay monthly subscription fees. With Spokkz, you can crowdfund and pay to watch content via Spokkz tokens and receive bonus rewards when your chosen content performs well. You also get rewarded SPKZ tokens for sharing your favourite content with other community members. It is comparable to “cashback” for watching and supporting videos.

Spokkz is Spuul’s endeavor to cultivate a more engaging community of creators and consumers by turning the passive, often solo, activity of watching videos into a fulfilling and collaborative partnership.

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