Filming Costs Increasing Due to Expensive Studios and Filming Equipment

The digital revolution brought the cost of movie production down. Today that trend has run its course, and the cost to produce quality video is creeping up again. Movie production studios play a big role in how much it costs to create a feature film, and when the movie does well, they soak up all the profits. This dynamic hurts smaller movie producers, and limits how much creatives can make from their work.

The SPOKKZ token is a lot more than a way to tokenize the Spuul platform. While it will function as a means of payment for Spuul’s services, it will also create new options for media production that shred costs, and reward creatives.

Movie studios count on making a big return on their productions. They own the rights to the work, and the creatives that make it possible rarely get a cut of the profits. SPOKKZ takes the idea of micro-finance and crowd funding to the next level, and lets creatives drop the cost of their productions down to practically nothing.

SPOKKZ Makes Positive Connections

Imagine being able to connect with a producer or director, and fund their project directly. No studio, no complex contracts, just an easy way to make the right things happen. One of the best parts about the SPOKKZ token is that it lets the people who back a project share in the earnings, so the consumers of the media can actually gain from their love of the craft.

Much of the savings that SPOKKZ creates come in the form of lost profits for the major studios. Instead of acting as intermediaries, movie studios will have to watch their profits get diverted to the people that actually make a movie, and not the faceless executives who gain from getting in the middle.

For the Love of the Art

People who consume media know what they want. Instead of using an expensive, corporate approach to media design, SPOKKZ puts the power in the hands of the people that matter. Creatives can tap funding directly, and huge amounts of production costs come right off the top.

Spuul has become one of the most popular OTT (Over-The-Top) media platforms in Asia by connecting people with media they love. Profits are important, but making sure that people get the media they want is more important than money. The SPOKKZ token lets Spuul take their appreciation for quality media to the next level, and helps to cut the cost of making media that matters.

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