How Content Consumers, Creators and Advertisers Can Benefit from Spokkz — A Blockchain-powered Content Streaming Platform

The Many Uses of Spokkz

Spokkz is a Private Issuance Token that can be used on Spuul’s 60 million-viewer strong content streaming platform. Imagine Netflix on blockchain — and more.

What’s in it for content consumers:

These multi-use tokens allow content consumers to pay for what they want to watch, crowdfund their favourite creators, and even shop online via the platform’s direct advertisements. SPKZ tokens can also be conveniently exchanged for ETH or BTC. Additionally, consumers get token rewards for being active commentators, raters and content sharers — basically getting rewarded for being actively engaged in their video-watching hobby.

What’s in it for content producers:

A source of crowdfunding, and an engaged audience committed to your project. Nothing could be better than producing content that people want to watch and being stably funded by these same people.

What’s in it for advertisers:

Content streaming platforms are no stranger to advertisements positioned at the start and end of episodes. Yet, many advertisers find it difficult to track the effectiveness of their ads.

With SPKZ tokens, advertisers can purchase ad space on the Spuul platform and upload entertaining advertisements to sustain viewership; likewise, viewers get rewarded for sharing and engaging with content on the platform. This encourages the community to be receptive and interactive with advertisements, increasing its effectiveness.

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