Introducing Spokkz Co-Founders

Subin Subaiah, CEO & Co-Founder Spuul / Spokkz

With his signature flared polo shirt and moustache, Mr. Subin Subaiah — CEO & Co-Founder of both Spuul & Spokkz — makes for an unforgettable impression. Most know him as a charismatic achiever with a successful career streak in the banking industry; Mr. Subin has held prominent positions in the corporate world prior to his venture into Spuul and Spokkz, including Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch as well as Senior Vice-President at Bank of America amongst others. Under his leadership, Spuul has flourished into one of the largest over-the-top player services in the world, with over 60 million users across 180 countries, generating revenues of close to USD 15 million annually. A visionary with an immense passion for innovation, Mr. Subin sees something most haven’t: The tremendous potential in utilising the blockchain technology to disrupt the multi-trillion-dollar media industry.

Having already upped its game through the effective incorporation of Amazon’s Web Services in Spuul, Mr. Subin believes that Spokkzs’ incorporation of blockchain technology in media will play a key factor in transforming the media consumption business from being a purely transactional play to a community-driven economy. Through the Spokkz platform, users will be rewarded Spokkz tokens for reviewing, sharing and recommending content, which can in turn be used to fund content projects of their choice.

“Spokkz is a decentralised application built on a real business that makes it a refreshing entrant into the blockchain economy where too many ICOs have failed.” — Mr. Subin Subaiah

While fellow competitors in the content-on-demand media streaming platforms have paused token sales in view of the bearish market trends in recent months, Spokkz chose to keep going strong and remains confident that their well-established community and strong track record in the media industry will continue to attract high quality investors.

S Mohan, COO & Co-Founder Spuul / Spokkz

The calm and cool personality of Mr. S. Mohan, COO & Co-Founder of Spuul and Spokkz, boosts confidence in any project undertaken. A graduate from the renowned National University of Singapore, Mr. S. Mohan has a long track record of co-founding successful enterprises. With a diverse co-founding portfolio under his belt — including the likes of SpaceDisk, Accellion, and Buuuk — Mr. Mohan brings a holistic perspective to the table. Since 2013, Mr. Mohan has managed operations at Spuul and has promoted phenomenal growth for the company.

Mr. Mohan firmly believes that the Spokkz venture will add value to Spuul’s existing 60 million members worldwide. Spokkz will give “Power to the People”! The mission is to enable film lovers to vote, fund and support their favourite projects through a decentralized network. By getting Spokkz token holders to pre-fund movies and television series directly through the platform, intermediaries are removed, allowing film lovers to enjoy films at a more affordable rate whilst also having the liberty to fund projects that they like. Furthermore, as the value of Spokkz tokens increases, token holders can fund more projects and sell some of their tokens so it’s a “WIN-WIN-WIN” situation for everyone. To Mr. Mohan, Spokkz is not just another ICO but a real company with real customers.