Spokkz: A Streaming Community for Fans to Partner Up with their Favourite Film Producers

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/moviepass-no-longer-unlimited-apos-202957811.html

We live in the age of a thriving sharing economy whereby one membership subscription can unlock an entire platform’s wares. With a single platform membership, we can indiscriminately enjoy all available songs, movies and more. By “Sharing” our recommendations and reviews on the world wide web, we help our friends to find good content while boosting the works of deserving content creators.

Spokkz, a tokenised ICO platform conceived by OTT content-streaming giant Spuul, extends this sharing culture one step further. It allows viewer audiences to have a share in the creative genius of their favourite content creators via interactive crowdfunding. With Spokkz’s token-based system, viewers are involved in a close and supportive partnership with the creators they look up to.

Spuul’s existing 60 million-strong platform provides Spokkz with an active community to reach out to. On top of that, each viewer’s Watch History and community chat logs provide important intel on their current and potential film interests. Filmmakers and content creators can now pitch their ideas directly to potential stakeholders — the fans who actively watch their content.

Imagine a producer (think Steven Spielberg or even Wes Anderson) asking you to partner up with him in his quest to produce the next big blockbuster/indie hit — and letting you in on his big idea before it hits the screens. This is not just a dream; with Spokkz, fans can use their SPKZ tokens to crowdfund their favourite shows before they are even released. As stakeholders, they will share in the fame and success of the shows they support as well as engage in a dream-team partnership with their favourite filmmakers.

Within the revolutionary Spokkz ecosystem, tokens can also be used to watch OTT content or to buy exclusive merchandise directly from filmmakers. Viewers also get rewarded with tokens for spreading their love for their favourite shows among the community — it’s a win-win scenario from every angle.

Spokkz is all about sharing and making the creative realm of content creation and consumption a more inclusive one. You’ll never think of movie binge-watching as an anti-social activity ever again — not when the vibrant Spokkz community awaits!

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