SPOKKZ and Ontology Team up to Revolutionize Content Streaming Through Blockchain

SPOKKZ a new one-stop content dApp, have agreed to work together with Ontology with the main agenda on blockchain content streaming. SPOKKZ represents the next phase of growth for the already successful Over-The-Top media platform Spuul. Ontology brings a rock-solid technical background to SPOKKZ. The companies will team up to improve their technologies and communities, with the broad objective of establishing and facilitating decentralized app growth and speeding up strong approval for blockchain technology on the Ontology MainNet.

Ontology’s state-of-the-art public multi-chain project, and distributed trust collaboration platform, will help SPOKKZ create an industry leading media platform. Ontology and SPOKKZ are ready to team-up, and attract the right talent to make high-quality content creation simple.

Ontology Delivers

  • Deep Knowledge of Existing Token Platforms
  • Industry Leading Development Know-How
  • Market-Ready Platforms
  • Integration With Major Cryptos, and Dedicated Wallet Technology

The team at Ontology is ready up to make Spuul’s vision for SPOKKZ become a commercial reality. Ontology has the tools to tokenize Spuul’s platform, and create value for both investors and consumers. Their architecture is already operational, and will be a major asset to the SPOKKZ platform.

The visionary behind Ontology, Li Jun, had this to say about what his company is ready to do, “The core modules Ontology has built and are continuing to enrich are all linked to real business scenarios, so we are pleased to work with Spuul who will take an existing user base with millions of users and design a new project. SPOKKZ will use decentralized technology to make a product which gives individuals a voice in an industry that is traditionally centralized”.

SPOKKZ is a Leap Forward in Media

Spuul has built up a successful platform with one idea in mind; let people have access to the content that they love. Now the SPOKKZ token takes this goal further, and lets media consumers interact directly with the creatives that make media happen. Studios always bring bias and waste to a production. Without a direct funding mechanism, creatives are at the mercy of established interests.

SPOKKZ Creates

  • Direct Contact Between Creatives and Fans
  • Funding Options With Zero Waste
  • Support for Ideas That Matter
  • The Most Efficient Media Market So Far

It is no accident that Spuul is working with Ontology to make SPOKKZ a reality. Both companies have a track record of creating winning products. Both companies have given a lot back to both their clients and investors. Spuul has tapped into a seemingly underdeveloped market, and constructed a platform that can easily grow from here.

Speaking on the partnership, Subin Subaiah, Founder of SPOKKZ, said: “Working with Ontology is a huge opportunity for us. Not only do they bring a well thought out infrastructure but, the combination of SPOKKZ’s large user base and Ontology’s stellar technology will be a game changer for the entire token economy. Ontology’s Trust system and SPOKKZ’s decentralised content creation and content viewing is truly a marriage of two significant players who are committed to the decentralised economy and who have the technology and proven track record to ensure a successful collaboration”.

Spuul Knows How to Grow

The fact that the SPOKKZ program is working with Ontology should be evidence of Spuul’s commitment to creating profitable projects that get results in the real world. The SPOKKZ token is stepping into a position that has been carefully prepared by Spuul, and will be aided by the addition of Ontology’s expertise. With an existing user base of more than 60 million people, it would be nearly impossible for Spuul’s next phase of growth to end in anything but more success.

Website: www.SPOKKZ.com

Telegram: t.me/SPOKKZOfficial

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SPOKKZOfficial

Ontology website: https://ont.io/

ONTO website: https://onto.app/