SPOKKZ and Spuul Could Change the Media Game

Media production has been an exclusive club for a long time. Until the digital age, it was hard to compete with industry-controlling studios that designed the content, production and distribution of major media outlets. The digital age has the ability to change this dynamic, but some big changes need to take place.

Spuul built a wildly successful platform on the concept that giving people access to the media they want is a good idea. Today Spuul has a direct connection with millions across Asia, and their Over-The-Top (OTT) platform is both popular and profitable. Now they are coming to their demographic with a bold new idea that could influence the direction of media production for decades to come.

SPOKKZ is About More than Tokenization

Spuul has achieved their success by doing a lot more than just delivering content to their customers. The Bollywood-led media machine leaves numerous markets out of their model. Malaysia, Indonesia and India are huge markets for media, but they are all ignored by studios that cater to the so called “first-world” demographic.

Media is like a voice, and SPOKKZ is developing a system that allows literally billions of people to vote with their money. Instead of a one-way media delivery platform, SPOKKZ wants media production to be interactive. When people are on the Spuul platform, the SPOKKZ token will let them connect directly with media producers, and support narratives that tell the stories they find meaningful.

There are, of course, financial incentives offered for all involved. The biggest gains will probably be reserved for the investors that tap into an ICO that has the potential to become widely popular. Spuul isn’t a startup, it is an established platform that is perfect for tokenization. Fans and media producers will also benefit, as there will no longer be studios separating them from making direct to market media that rewards creatives.

Media isn’t Going Anywhere

The next revolution in human technology isn’t about new hardware, it will be about how we use what we already have. Spuul is in a perfect position to take full advantage of this shift in human development, and the SPOKKZ token is an incredible tool that will allow an entirely new economy to emerge in media production.

Investors that take advantage of the upcoming SPOKKZ ICO are in a good position to be at the forefront of Spuul’s next phase of growth. The features that SPOKKZ will enable Spuul to deliver are unique, and may create a new kind of media production platform.