SPOKKZ rewards Media Investors and Consumers

The media production mold is on the verge of breaking. Instead of being a one way street, today’s digital technology could make media production interactive. The SPOKKZ token is a forward-looking platform that builds on Spuul’s Over-The-Top (OTT) media distribution platform. Spuul has been successful in creating a OTT platform that delivers great content, now, SPOKKZ will take that functionality to the next level.

Media consumers aren’t passive, and they want to participate in the media creation process. In the classical media production model, viewers aren’t able to connect directly with the creatives that actually make a production happen. New ideas can be hard to finance, but the SPOKKZ token is changing how people can vote with their capital.

SPOKKZ Makes Media Microfinance Easy

Social media and the internet have created a way for fans to connect directly with producers and directors, but SPOKKZ fills in a very important part of this emerging economy. Money is at the center of any media production. SPOKKZ is the connection between the people that pay for media, and the creatives that produce it.

The Spuul platform has already enabled one of the biggest markets on earth to access media like never before. Now SPOKKZ will allow media consumers to finance creative projects with blockchain-based microfinance. When thousands of people decide to back a project with SPOKKZ tokens, producers and directors don’t need to deal with a studio. This drops the cost of production, and lets creatives make what they love.

Instead of paying for media production indirectly, fans can back projects they like with SPOKKZ. If the project they support is a financial success, the people that backed it will be able to share in the profits. Not only does SPOKKZ help fans and creatives make media that matters, it allows a new kind of media finance infrastructure to evolve.

Producing Great Results

SPOKKZ is more than a new way to pay for media on an OTT platform. Media production can easily grow into a new way for people and creatives to make narratives that matter, and not have to deal with overbearing studios that only want profit from their investments.

Micro-payments and blockchain make small-scale finance a real solution for mass collaboration, but SPOKKZ makes backing a production a potential source of profit. Incentivizing participation in media production on a large scale is a very new idea, and holds huge potential for fans, creatives and investors.

Know more about how Spokkz works : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed0FUoVRfuA