SPOKKZ Token Puts Media Consumers in Charge of Content

If you are a movie producer, you know how difficult it can be to fund a project. Micro-finance and crowdfunding have helped independent producers, but there still isn’t a dedicated way for indy productions to access a reliable funding pool.

The SPOKKZ token could change all of that.

Spuul has been successful in building a popular OTT (Over-The-Top) media distribution service in Asia, and now their SPOKKZ token could be at the leading edge of a big shift in how media production gets done.

The SPOKKZ token will take advantage of the Spuul platform’s existing functionality, but it could also help Spuul grow into a new kind of marketplace for media. Instead of working solely as an on-demand source for media of all kinds, the SPOKKZ token could make Spuul a hotbed for media development.

SPOKKZ Can Get Productions Off the Ground

Let’s say a producer wants to make a movie, and distribute it over Spuul. Instead of looking to existing funding channels, they could use the SPOKKZ token to raise funds for their production. Once the project is complete, it is easy to keep track of how much money the media is gaining, because it is all distributed over a blockchain-based platform. People who backed the project can gain from its success, and the production company never had to leave the SPOKKZ ecosystem.

The fact is, most media is produced by a handful of major companies, and there isn’t always room for new idea or bold thinking. This limits the independence of producers, and can stifle creativity. The solution to this problem is a direct connection between media producers and consumers, and this is exactly what SPOKKZ and Spuul can create. The opportunity for profit is huge, but this new marketplace can also help to engender positive social changes.

Growth Across Markets

Until now, Spuul has been focused on delivering quality video media to its 60 million users. The introduction of the SPOKKZ token could change this, and open the platform to new demographics and markets. The SPOKKZ token would essentially create a new platform for media production, with a direct connection to the consumers who can also fund new projects.

The potential for this kind of business model is substantial. In addition to helping smaller producers get attention and funding, the SPOKKZ token would allows established artists to connect directly with their fan base. Media conglomerates are essentially brokers, who produce media and gain from being in the middle. The SPOKKZ token helps to cut out the middleman, and free creatives from corporate control!