SPUUL Grows Successful Platform With SPOKKZ Token Sale

There are a lot of ICOs out there right now. Many start-ups are looking for access to capital on good terms. The SPOKKZ token isn’t like buying into an ICO from a company that may, or may not make it in the real world. SPOKKZ is Spuul’s way of delivering a better experience to its users, and opening up new ways for fans to connect with creatives.

Spuul has emerged as one of the leading media platforms in South East Asia, Middle East, India, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and other global markets. Spuul already has an established business that is perfect for tokenization.

The SPOKKZ will add functionality to an already great business, which reduces the risk for investors. Instead of buying into an ICO for a company that may be able to create a winning platform, SPOKKZ is ready to deploy into a leading OTT (Over-The-Top) media delivery service.

SPOKKZ Creates New Opportunities-Today

A big part of what SPOKKZ offers investors isn’t pay-for-play media content. Spuul has cultivated a diverse audience that loves media, but SPOKKZ could take their platform to a whole new level. Much is the same way that other blockchain-based platforms allow people to sell their excess processing power to distribute video over the internet, SPOKKZ lets media consumers connect directly with producers.

Interactive Media Development

Blockchain makes it possible to keep track of funding at a level that has been impossible until now. There has been tremendous growth in crowdfunded media projects, and the SPOKKZ token could become the de-facto currency for independent media production in numerous markets that Spuul has already proven itself in.

Blockchain lets people conduct financial transactions at almost zero cost, which makes micro-finance of media projects a possibility for many people who could’ve never participated in financing a project before SPOKKZ. The SPOKKZ platform also allows people to gain financially from a successful project they support, and this may lead to a new investment ecosystem for movie production.

Building on Success

There is nothing wrong with innovation-unless you are investing in it. Depending on the time-frame that is used, the vast majority of start-ups will fail. This probably means a near-total loss for its investors, which is why you need to be smart about what stage in a company’s growth you deploy your capital.

The SPOKKZ ICO is a great chance to buy into a platform that has already proved itself. The additional funding that Spuul receives will be managed by the same team that built the company into what it is today, and help them to develop new features that could make a major impact on how media is produced.