How to deliver a call to action that accomplishes your goals

An important step in your influencer marketing campaign is the call to action.

Where it is placed in the content and what it directs the audience to do are questions you need to answer well in advance of planning your campaign.

To do this you need to establish how you are measuring the success of your campaign, specifically, are you looking to drive engagement or orders/downloads?

If you are looking to maximise engagement and raise brand awareness, a call to action encouraging comments, likes and shares might be appropriate.

On the other hand, if you are trying to get a sales/downloads boost, then a call to action to click on a link to your product would be better.

Think carefully about what you want to accomplish with your call to action, it’s the driver of a successful influencer marketing campaign and it shouldn’t be thrown together last minute.

One, clear, precise call to action per sponsored content

The first point to keep in mind when forming your call to action is not to confuse your audience.

Some influencers ask multiple questions of their audience, for example, ‘tell me what you think of this product in the comments’ or ‘do you like this video, tell me what you think’ or ‘what other videos do you want to see, let me know below’ to encourage as much engagement with the content as possible.

You need to make it clear to them, you only want one call to action and it should be the one you decide. The call to action will be more effective If the audience only has one option of how to engage with the content.

So if you want the audience to download your app, a single call to action of ‘click the link in the description to download this app’ with the link taking them straight to your product.

The call to action has to be easy for the audience to follow through on

This is especially true with links. If the link is not visible immediately to the audience, few will bother to hunt around for it even if they were tempted to click it by the content.

If you are commissioning a YouTube video, the link should be in the first three lines of the description to ensure it can be seen without having to open the description box — it’s an extra click and you will lose target customers along the way.

It’s also important to make sure that the page the target customer lands on is mobile responsive, as it is highly likely your sponsored content will be viewed on a mobile device.

Your call to action can be repeated in the content

It might seem obvious to place the call to action at the end of the sponsored content, however, in particular with video content, this could mean that a large proportion of your audience miss it.

Views of videos tail off as the video progresses, meaning you have the most eyeballs at the beginning.

We often recommend securing the first mention of your product in a sponsored video in the first 90 seconds, it makes sense to follow the mention and demonstration of the product with your call to action.

By all means also repeat it at the end of the video, this is another touch point for your target customers who watch the whole thing.

It’s most effective to agree one clear call to action with your influencers, ensuring it is easy for target customers to follow through on and is voiced near the start as well as at the end of your sponsored content.

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