More people than ever are turning to YouTube for product reviews

Mar 9, 2018 · 2 min read

More and more people are turning to YouTube for product reviews, statistics from Google reveal.

In the past two years videos with ‘review’ in the title had more than 50,000 years worth of watch time on mobile alone.

It’s part of a growing trend that sees more viewers, in particular millennials and generation z, turning to the platform for information on products they are interested in.

A popular category of product reviews is the unboxing of items, with channels springing up that specialize in the content format — for example unbox therapy which focusses on tech products.

The amount of time people spent watching unboxing videos — just on their mobile — is the equivalent to watching the movie Love Actually more than 20 million times.

While watch time of ‘does it work’ videos grew by more than 11x in the past two years.

Although these videos may be facilitated by brands, either by teaming up with creators to produce a branded video or by sending their products to creators, the content most viewers are interested in is coming from creators and not brands.

That is the creator’s channel as opposed to a brand’s channel.

For example in the beauty community, where many product review videos are published, 86 percent of the top 200 beauty videos on YouTube were made by creators.

This indicates that consumers really prefer to hear from a creator, rather than a brand, when it comes to purchasing decisions. The level of trust is higher, even if the creator is affiliated with the brand in some way, than hearing the same review or unboxing from the brand itself.

Similarly creators seem to be a more effective medium to convey a brand message than celebrities — brand collaborations with YouTube creators are 4x more effective at driving in brand familiarity than those with celebrities.

With more people turning to platforms like YouTube in search of reliable product reviews, brands need to understand that not being present in this space is no longer an option.

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