YouTube Trend Analysis: Christmas

YouTube creators are already getting in the festive spirit with more and more videos being produced every week in the run-up to Christmas.

Search interest in the topic is already high, and in fact higher than it was nearer the holiday last year.

Google Trends: YouTube search interest in ‘Christmas’ over the past 12 months

As can be seen from the last 12 months, YouTube search interest last year steadily increased from the end of November and peaked the week of Christmas Eve.

However this year interest was growing from the end of October and at a faster rate, so far the highest interest occurred this week and is set to keep increasing until the Christmas period ends.

In the past 30 days the countries searching YouTube the most for Christmas related content are Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. Ireland, UK, Canada and US are also in the top 10.

Video themes starting to appear on YouTube this year include Christmas shopping, Christmas wish lists, Christmas food, comedy skits about what parents do on Christmas and Christmas decoration hauls and DIYs.

Last year popular content revolved around Christmas make up and get ready with me videos, present openings and gift and decoration DIYs.

This video from The Ingham Family vlog showing their children unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning last year has gained more than 39M views.

Comparing three of the most popular themes from last year according to YouTube search interest — Christmas presents, Christmas DIYs and Christmas decorations — we can see that Christmas DIYs were the clear winner of the battle of the Christmas trends.

Google Trends: YouTube search interest in ‘Christmas DIYs’ (red) ‘Christmas decorations’ (yellow) and ‘Christmas presents’ (blue)

This year we predict DIYs will again dominate the popular trends, however decoration related videos will generate more interest than presents for the first time this year.

However, broken down by geographical area, it appears present opening will still prove the most popular in the UK and Australia.

Google Trends: YouTube search interest in ‘Christmas DIYs’, ‘Christmas presents’ and ‘Christmas decorations’ by region

With Christmas videos growing in number and popularity year on year, and starting earlier each time, it’s become a huge event in the YouTuber calendar with many creators uploading several videos on the topic.

The trend has certainly continued with force this year and seems set to become even bigger next year.