YouTube’s latest trends analysis: Floor is lava!

The latest craze to sweep through YouTube is the Floor Is Lava game.

Videos featuring the challenge have been raking up millions of views since the trend took off at the end of May, with several influences taking up the fun.

For example, this video of 13-year-old Jack Doherty and his friends playing the game in Target has more than 8M views.

During the game, the challenger yells out “the floor is lava” and those playing have five seconds to find an object to climb on so they are not touching the floor.

The most popular videos are when the game is being played in a public place (often with the players getting kicked out), with strangers or compilations of funny climbing fails.

After only a handful of searches for the challenge before, the trend suddenly began to shoot up in search popularity on May 29/30, peaking in the third week of June.

Google Trends

However, you can see the trend remains a popular choice for YouTube audiences, with the number of searches related to the challenge on YouTube climbing again at the beginning of July.

While the most popular region for ‘floor is lava’ related YouTube searches is the US.

Google Trends

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