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Why we created the world’s first Sponsorfunding platform

New monetizations strategies

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Back to the origins

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Rediscovering sponsorship in the digital world

  • People can act immediately when they recognize a sponsor — clicking a logo, typing a URL, searching on Google, adding a bookmark, etc.
  • It’s more easily — even if not completely — measurable compared to offline sponsorship.
  • It’s simple to implement and it can be easily applied to multiple media — podcasts, websites, blogs, apps, browser plugins, ebooks, video, open source software, social networks, photography and more.
david-dm.org is an example I particularly love of a service supported by sponsors
  • Sponsors love the projects they support — ever seen the phrase ‘we are proud sponsors of…’ ?
  • Projects love their sponsors because they get funds and resources but also because the relationship gives them trust and reputation.
  • Users, fans, viewers, readers, listeners love the sponsors of their favorite project because they help to keep it alive and top quality.

The tide is turning

How can sponsorship scale?

Democratizing sponsorship

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Programming, UI and UX
  • Science and education



The sponsorship platform for makers

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