How To Feel Good

If you’re feeling down, if your problems feel heavier than your blessings & if you want things to change — it all starts and ends with you. Yes, there are external factors that have a part to play in our lives — but we create the reality we experience with what we hold in our minds.

Thoughts and feelings are energy and that energy is transmitted into the universe and forms the basis of what we experience in our daily lives. When you are experiencing your lowest points it is up to you to understand where you are and move to where you want to be.

Many of you have been depressed, anxious, suicidal and angry — understand that these are temporary states, but they will last as long as you allow them to. If you want things to change you must start by changing your actions — your actions will influence your thoughts and feelings and this will build a new reality.

It’s easy for me to say but a lot harder to do, but have faith that your new way of living is one that is serving you. When you’re at a low point — gift yourself things. Take yourself out on a date, treat yourself and do it with the intention of moving toward the love vibration. Loving yourself will attract more love into your life.

The secret to liberating yourself from these emotions is to understand that they serve a purpose. They are highlighting the fact that you have moved away from the love vibration and need to take actions to get back to it. Prioritise how you want to feel and take action to get there.

Don’t be ashamed of feeling what you feel — understand why you’re feeling this way and see if your actions correlate to these emotions. If you are doing what you love it is much harder to feel low — you hold the key to your happiness.

You create the reality you experience with the dominant thoughts and feelings in your mind. Use this knowledge to create a reality you love.

The universe understands what you are — not what you want.

Peace & positive vibes.