7 Things That Are Blocking Your Manifestation Process

1. Limiting beliefs — if you can think it, you can do it. Many of us have been told that we’re not good enough or that we need to “be realistic” about our goals — this is the fastest route to living a life of limitation. We need to shoot for the moon, even if we miss — ending up in the clouds is better than remaining on the ground.

2. Doubt — you have to believe in yourself. Every great thing that has ever been accomplished started with the belief that it could be done. If we don’t believe that we are deserving of the life we seek then we will never have it.

3. Negativity — you are the company you keep. If the people around you are negative and unsupportive of your dreams you are lowering your vibration by spending time with them and this will slow down your manifestation process significantly. Spend time with people who make you feel good and you will be more likely to act in a way that helps you bring your dreams into reality.

4. Technology — it affects our frequency. Constantly using technology like phones, wifi and television affects our frequency — this is why spending time in nature and meditation away from our smart devices is essential. The devices may be smart, but our bodies are the most sophisticated technology and they don’t require wifi to be connected to the universe.

5. The mind — tune into your feelings. Living through our minds will limit us to acting in ways that “make sense” which can prevent us from manifesting our heart’s desires. This is why it’s absolutely essential for us to reconnect with our feelings and use our intuition to decide which direction we want to move in, rather than what makes sense for the mind — which is often why we stay in the comfort zones we create for ourselves.

6. Actions — they need to align with your goal. The most common block in manifestations is our actions — thinking about it is only half of the equation because ideas are nothing without execution. If the goal is peace of mind our actions need to reflect that by avoiding negative people, doing things that bring us peace and surrounding ourselves with positive energy.

7. Focus — what you focus on grows. When we decide we want something we must focus all of our attention and efforts on achieving the goal. Our manifestation process can be blocked when we succumb to distractions such as social media, television and socialising. There’s a time and place for everything but if the goal is not the central focus of our lives it will take significantly longer to manifest than if it were.

Your manifestations are a result of what you do.

Peace & positive vibes.