You’ll Never Get What You Want

It’s important to keep in mind, while using the law of attraction, that whatever you focus on grows. If your dominant focus is on wanting something that you don’t already have — you will not be able to attract it.

That is to say if you focus on wanting it — instead of the feeling of having it — you will send out the signal of scarcity into the universe. This is because the dominant thoughts in the mind are revolving around wanting — not having — hence we attract more wanting.

Wanting is the reason why you are not attracting what you desire. Identify what you want and then seek to embody the state of having it. If it is love you seek — start by loving yourself and you will attract more of it to you in the form of people, places and things.

When the law of attraction isn’t working — ask yourself what state of mind you are embodying and assess whether or not that will bring you what you seek. Of course, actions are equally important — make sure your actions align with your intentions.

If you are seeking love, but spending time around people, places and things you hate — this will hinder your process of manifestation. It’s easy to identify when things aren’t manifesting — but it requires a great deal of self-awareness to understand how our actions are affecting the process.

Take a step back from your want and ask yourself if you are truly in tune with that which you seek. Draw your focus to how it will feel inside when you have what you desire — build your daily life around this feeling. Go places, spend time with people and do things that give you more of this feeling to speed up your manifestation process.

Wanting attracts scarcity, being attracts abundance.

Peace & positive vibes.