The Law Of Attraction 101

The Basics — the reality we experience is created based on the dominant thoughts we hold in our minds — positive thoughts = positive life. This is where the saying “whatever we focus on grows” comes from — if we’re focused on what we love, our thoughts will be positive & the reality we experience will revolve around what we love.

Vibration — everything in the universe is vibrating at a certain frequency: people, animals, thoughts & feelings. Love is the highest vibrational frequency, when we want to experience a life we love — we need to raise our frequency to attract more love into our lives and distance ourselves from anything fear-based.

Attraction — we attract what we are. In this universe like attracts like — who & what we attract is determined by our vibrational frequency. If we are acting in a lower-vibrational manner, which revolves around fear, we will attract people, places and situations that reflect what we’re focusing on. See that everything & everyone is a reflection of who we are & what we’re focusing on.

Vision — we become what we think. Whatever the mind can conceive — we can achieve, if we think we are capable of greatness then we can achieve it. Building a clear mental picture of the life we want to live makes it much easier to create our reality — rather than just hoping things will change naturally. Vision boards, visualisation meditations and speaking about our visions with manifestation buddies is a great way to strengthen the mental image.

Intention — state what you want. To get anything we desire we must first set the intention, from getting a date to making more money — the intention is key. Once we’ve set the intention we can then start to assess the way we behave and adjust our actions based on what we want to attract into our lives.

Gratitude — when we are grateful for what we have we shift our focus toward what we love, which raises our frequency and brings us closer to the love vibration. Gratitude is also a great way for us to attract more of what we love into our lives because we’re sending a signal of abundance into the universe.

We have the power to create our reality.

Peace & positive vibes.