6 Sources Of Motivation You Can Use Daily

1. YouTube — model success. There are thousands of people sharing their journeys on YouTube that we can follow for motivation, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Ralph Smart & Elliott Hulse just to name a few.

2. Music — motivating vibes. The music we choose to listen to can greatly impact the attitude we carry through the day with us. Many successful people use music to “get in the zone” before a big performance.

3. Quotes — shots of realness. It’s been said that quotes save lives — this is due to the fact that they take seconds to read but their impact lasts for a lifetime. Reading motivational quotes on a daily basis is a great way to stay motivated, check out @vision​wall on Instagram.

4. Blogs — following a journey. Joel Brown started the blog Addicted2Success over 5 years ago and has inspired millions to create their own success through sharing his own journey. Following someone else’s journey can motivate us to take action in our lives when we see them creating their own success.

5. Experience — let the past make you better, not bitter. We can use the past as fuel to keep us going along the road to success, however it’s important to remember where we’re at and not be consumed by what’s already come and gone. Remember — the best revenge is massive success.

6. People — friendly competition. Being part of a mastermind group or surrounding ourselves with others who are trying to achieve success can serve as a great reminder to keep going when the journey throws obstacles in our path.

What’s your motivation?

Peace & positive vibes.