Why Be Authentic?

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself one question — am I being real with myself? Many of you are not and this is something you must address if you want to start living a life you love. When you are inauthentic you are creating resistance inside yourself — which manifests in various ways.

You can start to experience poor physical and mental health, but the main manifestation you will notice is that you will attract those of a similar nature to you. When you aren’t being real to yourself — you will attract others who do the same and the result is relationships that do not serve you.

We’re encouraged to be like everyone else — which causes you to doubt yourself and thereby neglect what your true self wants to experience because you want to be accepted by others. Ditch that mentality because it’s only good for one thing — making sure you’re miserable in life.

When you do you — you will attract the right people to you. When you are 100% authentic to who you are and what you enjoy, you realise that you don’t need to be accepted by anyone other than yourself. This is because you are being fulfilled by doing what you love and being around those you resonate with.

If you are being fake because you want to be popular or have a lot of friends then consider the value of each of these “friends” you make in the process. “I’d rather have a dollar bill than a pocket full of pennies” — assess the value each of your “friends” bring you and decide whether or not you want them in your life based on how they make you feel.

The dollar bill relates to real friends who have 100 x the value of those who are fake — the pennies. I want to encourage you to think carefully about the way you behave and what you will attract to you in the process. If you are being fake to others — you have no reason to complain when you notice this trait in others.

Be authentic — life’s too short for fake.

Peace & positive vibes.