6 Ways Society Is Trying To Take Your Power From You

1. Consumerism — keep buying products. They want us to pay our money and time into products that will make us “feel better about ourselves” — but these products only mask our insecurities. If we truly want to feel good we must invest our time and money into what truly serves and fulfils us from within.

2. Instant gratification — the idea that lasting results come overnight. They would love for us to believe that if our dreams don’t come true within a short period of time we should just give up. This creates the idea that the only way to live the life we dream of is to win the lottery — nothing could be further from the truth.

3. TV — showing us what they deem acceptable. The television is one of the most powerful instruments of control at their disposal, when we watch TV we are storing imagery into the subconscious mind which we later draw on to create thoughts. This allows them to program the way we think based on what they choose to show us on TV.

4. Social media — distracting us from looking within. They want us to stare at our phones all day long because it distracts us from addressing the thoughts that dominate our minds. The likes, follows, comments and views are all forms of dopamine hits that are designed to keep our attention on the screen instead of on us.

5. Drugs — normalising dysfunctional behaviour. The fact that alcohol and nicotine are legal is a direct display of their disregard for our health — they want us to use the caffeine and nicotine to “get through the day” and the alcohol to forget about the week we’ve just had. These are the drugs they’ve deemed acceptable because it helps us to numb ourselves to wider thought and keep spinning our wheels like mindless machines.

6. Comparison — the greatest way to doubt yourself is comparison to others. Whether it’s celebrities or each other — they want us to look at other people and think “I need to be like that”. They want us to be insecure so we buy more products instead of appreciating how unique we are — which would have the opposite effect.

We are not here just to pay bills and die.

Peace & positive vibes.

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