I Love Confrontation

In our society confrontation has a negative connotation attached to it, but along my journey I’ve seen that it’s necessary for our evolution. I don’t mean the type of confrontation that involves other people — I mean confronting yourself — this yields the most growth.

There will always be people we don’t resonate with, it’s up to us to decide how we want to deal with them. In the past I used to confront people with the truth and they would simply deny it — which caused me to change the way I dealt with these types of people.

When someone angers you — have enough compassion for yourself to remove yourself from their company and learn from the experience. Did they stab you in the back? Did they purposely provoke you? Did they manipulate you? Good, use this as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

The conflict we face externally is the conflict we are experiencing internally — learn to see yourself in these people and understand what you need to change about yourself to attract better in the future. Every experience you have in this life can be used to teach you valuable lessons — it’s up to you to recognise them.

If someone is taking away your joy or peace — you are letting them. Confronting why you’re allowing this to happen takes courage and self-awareness — hence why so few of us do it. It’s much easier to project negativity back at those people, but to learn and grow from the experience is much harder.

There will always be conflict in this life, but how you choose to deal with it will determine how fulfilled you are in your daily life. Some people allow the conflict to dictate the rest of their lives and they become bitter as a result of having gone through it.

Let the struggle make you better — not bitter.

Peace & positive vibes.