How To Be A Negative Person

Take everything seriously — what people say and think about you, your reputation in society and your social status. Go out of your way at every opportunity to prove to everyone that you are better than them — even at the cost of your freedom or sanity.

Talk bad about others — other people aren’t as good as you and you need to make everyone around you realise that too. Spend long periods of time on the phone or in person putting other people down, gossiping about them or just make up rumours and laugh at them behind their backs.

Complain, a lot — be sure to tell anyone and everyone how hard your life is, how much you hate things and why you’ll never be successful. This will reinforce the idea over and over again until it’s engrained in your mind — then you can start trying to convince others not to follow their dreams because it will make you feel better about not doing it yourself.

Eat junk food — it’s cheap, it’s fast and you can use the money you’ve saved on buying things like expensive clothes to show other people you have money. You might manifest some serious diseases in the process, but who cares? You showed everyone that you have expensive things and that’s all that counts, right?

Keep up to date with what’s popular — any “free time” can be spent watching how celebrities live their lives. Make excuses for why your life isn’t as extravagant instead of actually trying to take action and change it. Replicate any behaviour you see on TV to make sure others know that you’re in on the latest trends — this will make up for your lack of personality and make them think you’re “cool”.

Focus on how things look — never show your true emotions because emotions make you weak in front of others. Make sure everything other people see is amazing — even if it’s the opposite of how you’re truly feeling. Keeping up this charade might be killing you inside — but no one else will ever know and that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

It’s easy to be negative — that’s why so many people do it.

Peace & positive vibes.